How an alligator beats the extreme cold

January 10, 2018 10:26 PM

As humans, we have the luxury to run inside our nice warm constructions through the long winters. But we may tend to forget at times that there is a full realm of nature out there keeping themselves safe during major cold air outbreaks.

Take a video out of North Carolina this past weekend; it’s of an alligator preserve where temperatures dropped well below the freezing point. Now at first glance you may think why are we showing a video of frozen and obviously dead alligators? But it’s kind of like what bears do: bears actually hibernate.

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But with a alligator, because they are cold-blooded, their body slows down and they basically do not use any of their nutrients. But what they are doing is they are keeping their nose just above water and so the water will freeze and their body temperature will go way down. This effectively halts most activity in the alligator. It cannot stay like this indefinitely though, but at least for a short time it can survive.

Now you will not see any animals doing anything like this in Rochester, but there are native specifics that do hide from the cold even here in Western New York. Keep in mind, these are wild animals that have adapted to the climate of these specific areas.  As far as your domesticated pets at home. It is likely they are not prepared for extreme weather, so be sure to keep them in a safe warm climate during these cold Rochester conditions.


Robert Speta

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