#BeNicer: Local wrestler bullied outside the ring

August 30, 2019 08:00 AM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC is ramping up our new campaign called #BeNicer. It's an effort to combat cyber bullying online.

Since we launched this campaign last month, we've heard from so many of you. You've told us how you've been bullied online and how you've chosen to respond.


Today, a reminder that even those with the toughest of exteriors can be impacted by messages of hate online.

Inside the ring, Horace Eugene White Jr. from Rochester is used to getting attacked.

"It's a very big rush," he said.

But lately, he's being attacked somewhere else: online.

It all started when Horace, who's been wrestling for nearly two decades, announced online that he was starting a wrestling company and training school.

"Then the trolls came out," he said.

Messages of hate started to appear out of nowhere.

"People with fake profiles were saying a lot of things due to the fact that I'm Black," he said. 

One person claimed he had to be on welfare because of his skin color.

"Another person said people like him don't have good credit. I'm like, 'Because I'm Black, I can't run a company?'"

He brushed it all off until they went after his son.

"My son is 15, he's Biracial." Horace said.

"He brought me the phone and said, 'Dad, someone sent me this.' They called him 'half-breed' because he's mixed. Then, they would drop N-words and wrote, 'We know you're half-white' and 'that's your smart side.'"

Horace had enough, so he came to us. He wanted to share his story to try and help others.

He's fighting back by not fighting back. A lesson his own son reminded him to follow.

"He's like, 'Just ignore it. Don't let it get under your skin. Open your school, put on a good show, do what you always told me growing up: not to retaliate, to defeat your enemies with success,'" he said "When you defeat your enemies with success, that's the best kind of beatdown you can give someone."

Horace is following that advice and still planning to start his wrestling company and school in Auburn sometime this fall.

He also hopes his story inspires all of those kids heading back to school on how to deal with hate and to never let it get in the way of their dreams.

Also, look for our #BeNicer teams from News10NBC and Lyons National Bank on local school campuses next week!

For more information on our #BeNicer campaign, click here.


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