Car in fatal crash through 390 wall was going 80 mph

May 14, 2019 08:06 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Jordin Campbell was the driver in one of the most violent crashes we have covered in a long time. He was going so fast, his car exploded through a concrete wall.

It killed one of his friends.


Tuesday in court, Campbell admitted he was drunk and pleaded guilty in a deal that will send him to prison for at least six years. 

Judge Alex Renzi: "How do you plead Mr. Campbell to aggravated vehicular homicide as contained in the first count of the indictment?"

Jordin Campbell: "I plead guilty."

On Jan. 3, Campbell was driving three friends in his car on Clay Road in Henrietta. He didn't negotiate a right angle turn and his car launched up an embankment and blew through the concrete sound wall along 390. The impact killed his friend Anthony Mykins. 

Ray Benitez, prosecutor: "Prior to operating your vehicle on that roadway, did you voluntarily consume alcoholic beverages?" 

Campbell: "Yes."

Benitez: "And what did you consume prior to getting into your car and driving that day?"

Campbell: "Um, I believe I had three beers."

Prosecutor Ray Benitez said if this case went to trial he would prove Campbell's blood alcohol content was double the legal limit, .16.

In January, News10NBC found security camera video that showed Campbell's car flying on Clay Road. 

Benitez: "Our expert did an estimate of the vehicle you were driving and it was in excess of 80 miles per hour. Do you understand that?" 

Campbell: "Yes." 

Clark Zimmerman, defense attorney: "If I may, we don't dispute that it was driven at an excessive speed."

Benitez told the court one of Campbell's passengers has severe brain damage and is blind in one eye. Another had part of a finger amputated. 

Emily Fusco, Trevett Cristo law firm: "This is obviously an extremely tragic situation for all involved. There are four families that are involved here. It is our hope and Jordin's hope that this can give some closure to everyone involved."

Campbell pleaded guilty and he's going to serve six to 18 years in prison. Six is the minimum. That's when he's eligible for parole. 

The prosecutor said the families of the victim and the district attorney signed off on the deal. 

Campbell is out on bail until he gets sentenced on July 31. 


Berkeley Brean

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