Clever Consulting changes name; continues to operate

August 08, 2019 06:29 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) -- It's the same company with a new name and new website.  

After a News10NBC investigation, a local consulting business facing a number of complaints from its small business customers is now trying to start anew but this isn't the first time the owner of Clever Consulting Group has tried to rebrand his company.


Terrance Dorsey is the owner of Clever Consulting Group which is located on Dewey Avenue in Greece. Business records show he has a long history of filing for different DBAs and LLCs and leaving a wake of unsatisfied customers and employees of those businesses behind. 

"Credit card services as far as a reader, social media help and help redesigning the website make it more up to date, make it mobile friendly."

Those were the promises made to Norm Clark, who owns The Kilt Shop in Penfield along with his wife Hazel, by a company called OneView Business Solutions back in 2017.  

But after a few months of back-and-forth with the company and no new website, they started talking to neighboring businesses who had also been approached by OneView.

"We were hearing the same story again and again and again. Paid money into this contract, we're not getting the services, we're not getting the equipment or getting the improper equipment," he recalls.

The owners of four other local businesses tell News10NBC they were not satisfied with the services of OneView Business Solutions either but they didn't think they had much recourse when the company's location in Penfield suddenly closed. Then, they saw the News10NBC stories about Clever Consulting Group.

Business records show that Terrance Dorsey owns or owned both of these companies. Dorsey signed a five-year lease to open and run a branch of OneView Business Solutions from a location along Fairport Nine Mile Road in August of 2017. Two months later, according to a lawsuit filed by the owner of the building, no rent had been paid. By March of 2018, OneView moved out of the building but the company and Dorsey are now being sued for more than $400,000 for breach of contract.

One month after moving out of Penfield, documents show Dorsey incorporated a new business, Clever Consulting Group. He signed a lease on the building that he currently occupies along Dewey Avenue. But, a new lawsuit filed against Clever Consulting from the mortgage holder of that building claims, once again, the financial terms of the agreement are not being met.

News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke asked Terrance Dorsey directly about both lawsuits. In an emailed reply he says, "the reason why there are lease violations is because of slander in both cases which has impacted our funding relationships."

So, then why is Dorsey starting yet another company? A new website which is almost an exact replica of Clever Consulting Group's website just with new colors and a new name has now popped up. Acuity Digital Solutions is being run from the same exact physical location on Dewey Avenue as Clever Consulting and uses some of the same testimonials News10NBC has shown were not given by the people pictured.

"The more I hear about it, it's like yea… this is his m-o, this is what he does and he's going to keep doing it until somebody steps in legally and stops him," Clark says.

When Lewke asked Dorsey follow-up questions about his prior businesses and the rebranding effort, he threatened to sue her for slander writing, "I am threatening you but the justice you see is on the wrong side… is bad when ex-employees can conspire with customers or when customers sign a non-cancelable agreement and can go to a news lady to cry wolf and you support it. That is what I will put a stop to, legally."

Records obtained through the Monroe County Clerk's Office show Terrance Dorsey has had at least six other DBAs and LLCs in the past 20 years. 

The NYS Attorney General's Office tells News10NBC they are aware of complaints against Terrance Dorsey and his companies and anyone with issues should reach out to their office. 


Jennifer Lewke

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