Exclusive: Victor mom catches illegal bus passers on video

December 14, 2018 09:43 AM

A Victor is mother taking matters into her own hands to help keep kids safe. She witnesses cars and trucks passing a school bus as it picks or drops off kids every day.

Tara Oakley lives in Victor. She has recorded several videos showing cars and trucks ignoring the stop sign on the bus. 


Oakley puts her kindergarten daughter on the bus each day on Main Street in Victor. It is a two-lane road with a turning lane in the middle. 

In this case, both sides of traffic are supposed to stop for the bus, or else they could face a fine up to $400, a license suspension or up to 30 days in jail. 

However, Oakley says people are not following the law. Her videos show cars and trucks passing the bus with the stop sign out.

"You have the people that are consumed with putting on makeup...being on their phones or just late for work," Oakley said. "They run through and they think because there's three lanes on this street that  lane separates them and gives them the right to speed through."

Oakley says one incident in particular comes to mind. She says she has seen a Victor Excavating and Landscape work truck blow past the sign. 

Victor Town Supervisor Jack Marren says he is aware of this incident and it is concerning. He gave News10NBC a picture of the truck Oakley was referring to. 

"The Town of Victor takes Public Safety very seriously, we contract annually with the Sheriff's department for additional enhanced patrols throughout the Town," Marren said in a statement to News10NBC. "Unfortunately, we have individuals who disregard the safety of others and frustrate us with a lack of common sense.

News10NBC reached out to Victor Excavating and Landscape about this behavior. Dale Twardokus, the owner sent us a statement. "Victor Excavating and Landscape does not tolerate the kind of driving behavior displayed on your news coverage today," Twardokus said. "Disciplinary action will be taken against the employee, in addition, our safety manager will also be taking immediate action as well."

Oakley would like to see more action taken. She fears this reckless behavior will one day hurt a child.

"If they are brave enough to do this on the main street, God helps us all for the back roads," Oakley said.

Supervisor Marren tells News10NBC he has asked the Ontario County Sheriff's Office to step up patrols in problem areas. Marren plans to also reach out to State Police to help.

John Storer, Chief Deputy of the Ontario County Sheriff's Office says they are familiar with this problem and they are assisting. 

"Most if not all buses have video cameras," Storer said on the phone. "When we get complaints from the drivers we do our best to find the offender and cite them."

Deputy Storer went on to say of the videos Oakley shared, they have identified at least one of the drivers and will be citing him soon. 

"We will continue to watch that area and any other area where people pass school buses," Storer said via phone. "We take this very seriously."

There are advocates that have been pushing a state law would put stop arm cameras on school buses. The plan would be to use the fines from the citations to cover the cost. Lobbyists are hoping to get lawmakers to enact this policy by the next fiscal year.


Kaci Jones

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