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Fact Check: 600 hours of paid leave?

Nikki Rudd
Updated: April 13, 2021 06:58 AM
Created: April 13, 2021 05:49 AM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — You’ve probably heard about paid leave if you're home sick with COVID-19.  Here in New York, most employers are required to provide at least five days of paid sick leave, but have you heard what some federal employees get? 

News10NBC's Nikki Rudd saw this headline online: "USPS workers get 600 hours of paid leave."

Six-hundred hours? That's 15 weeks! Could this be real? 

This all goes back to the American Rescue Plan, that $1.9-trillion COVID relief bill passed by Congress last month. In that bill is a provision that would grant up to 600 hours of paid leave to all federal workers. 

This is if they have symptoms of the coronavirus, if they're caring from a family member with COVID, getting vaccinated or caring for a child whose school or child care center is closed due to the pandemic. 

It would cap that paid leave at $1,400 a week. Let's do the math: $1,400 for 15 weeks. That's $21,000 of paid leave available to federal employees. 
So yes, this is the real deal. You can read this portion of the bill here. 

We also found out $570-million of your tax money was set aside for this. Federal employees can use this paid leave through September 30th. 


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