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Fact Check: COVID vaccine deaths

Nikki Rudd
Updated: June 15, 2021 06:03 AM
Created: June 15, 2021 05:55 AM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Maybe you've seen this on social media. Posts claiming the COVID-19 vaccine has killed thousands of people. The data comes from a system co-managed by the CDC and the FDA. So is this true? 

News10NBC's Nikki Rudd went straight to our local expert at the University of Rochester Medical Center to get an answer to this one. She asked Dr. Angela Branche directly: Can the COVID-19 vaccine kill you? 

"Based on what we learned in the clinical trials our response to that would have been no," said Dr. Branche. 
However, since those trials Dr. Branche says three deaths have been reported due to blood clots (Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome) from the vaccine. 

"When someone reports something or you see a trend or pattern it really sets off this intense investigation," Dr. Branche said. 
That's exactly why the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was put on hold back in April. Ten days later experts said the benefits outweigh any potential risks. 

The CDC also continues to monitor heart issues (Myocarditis and pericarditis) in young people who have been vaccinated. There were increased reports of cases of heart inflammation in April and May. 

"It's a self-reporting system so people can go on there or their doctor or hospital can report side effects to vaccines," explained Dr. Branche. 

Reports of any issues come from a database News10NBC has told you about before in our fact check reports.  It's called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS. It's public and you can search it yourself. 

"I would caution them not to assume that causality has been proven," warned Dr. Branche. "Certainly people who are vaccinated are dying, but as of now, we have not made an association between getting the vaccine and dying. if people are dying it's usually from natural causes."

According to the CDC website, more than 5,200 reports of death among people who received the COVID vaccine have been reviewed by CDC and FDA physicians. So far they have not been able to establish a link to the COVID shots. 

However, the CDC does confirm there's a plausible relationship between the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and those dangerous blood clots. They've identified 35 people who developed them out of more than 11 million who got the shot. 

To date, one confirmed case of blood clots following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination Moderna has been reported to VAERS. Keep in mind, more than 292 million doses of Moderna shots have been given in the U.S. 

Dr. Branche says these cases are extremely rare. 


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