Fairport Police searching for man arrested for menacing, released with no bail and then no-showed at court

Updated: January 24, 2020 06:47 PM
Created: January 24, 2020 06:41 PM

FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WHEC) — A man from Fairport charged with threatening another man with a loaded gun is hiding somewhere and police can't find him.

Fairport Police have a warrant for Nicholas Jordan's arrest because on Thursday night Jordan didn't show up for court. 

And News10NBC learned this case comes under the state's new bail reform.

If this happened last month or any time prior to Jan. 1, 2020, Jordan would have gone to jail until he posted bail. 

Because it happened this month, when bail reform kicked in, he got an appearance ticket. 

After he was a no-show in court, Fairport Judge Vincent Barone signed an arrest warrant. 

But, under the new reform rules, if police find Jordan the only thing they can do is give him another ticket.

"No one seems to know where he is so that's why we are reaching out to the community for their help," Fairport Police Chief Sam Farina said. 

Friday I was at the Fairport Police Department when three officers in two cars sped away with a lead on Jordan. I followed them to the apartment house listed as Jordon's on the arrest warrant. 20 minutes later they left without anyone under arrest. 

Prior to 2020, the standard bail for menacing was $500 to $1,000.

Brean: "So it's possible that even prior to the new rules he could've posted that bell and not show up to court."

Chief Sam Farina: "That's possible. However, if he didn't show up to court after posting bail he would be bail jumping."

Brean: "Plus he would stand to lose that money."

Chief Farina: "Correct."

But here's the thing. Even if police catch Jordan, the new criminal justice rules say police will only be allowed to give him a ticket.

Chief Farina: "Our important position here is to find him and bring him before the court."

Brean: "But if you do that he'll just get let out again."

Chief Farina: "Potentially yes and there lies the issue with the current legislation as it exists."

This is the first arrest warrant for a no-show in court this year in Fairport. 

Because there's a 20-day window to appear in court after getting an appearance ticket and we didn't want to include arrests from last year, we checked on the number of arrest warrants issued in some local courts starting on Jan. 21st.  

Here are the early numbers: 

Irondequoit and Webster: 2

Penfield: 3

Greece: 6

Henrietta: 0

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