Former Sodus nursing home patient: "I would have laid in that bed and died"

September 27, 2018 11:26 PM

A woman, forever scarred by what happened to her while a patient at Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, is suing the facility and sharing her story for the first time publicly. 

In an exclusive interview with News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke, Elizabeth Yancy of Geneva says she came forward after seeing a series of investigative stories on News10NBC about the conditions and care inside the facility.  


Liz Yancy was in kidney failure when she was sent to Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in May of 2016. 

Her legs, she says, were filled with fluid and her doctors insisted she needed physical therapy and around-the-clock care while on dialysis. 

"I just figured, maybe it would be a month or two and I'd be back... wasn't," she recalls.

Yancy says after about a week at Sodus Rehab, her leg began leaking and a wound opened up on the side of her upper leg.

She says, nursing assistants at Sodus Rehab would spray it out and cover it with a bandage every few days but it kept getting bigger and then it got infected. 

"The girl came in and said, 'oh last week we found out you have MRSA.' 'I got MRSA?' I said and you ain't going to say something…I'm still in this room with a 90-something year old woman, I said... 'what is wrong with you?'" Yancy explained. 

She claims the staff at Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center didn't call the hospital.

"They kept claiming they were going to get the wound care person in there. I never saw a wound care person, never saw a doctor. I saw the doctor one time when I first got there," she tells News10NBC.

It wasn't until the nurses at the outside dialysis center, where she was brought to three times a week, caught the smell of her leg, that they took the bandage off and immediately called an ambulance.

"At the emergency room, the lady took one look at it and turned around and left and knew that immediately something was wrong but yet, I sat there for weeks and they did nothing," Yancy recalls.

A cell phone video, taken of the wound when Yancy was rushed to Geneva General Hospital, shows the horrific condition her leg was in.  

News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke:  "What do you think would have happened, had those nurses at the dialysis center not sent you to the emergency room?" 

Elizabeth Yancy:  "I would have laid in that bed and died. I know that as sure as I know my name is Elizabeth Yancy."

News10NBC has tried, on dozens of occasions, to reach the CEO of Personal Healthcare LLC which owns Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. He has not returned calls, emails, or social media messages.  

Yancy required three reconstructive surgeries and has large lifelong scars on her leg. 

She says she still can't lay on her side, so earlier this year she decided to sue. 

Her attorney Martin Smalline tells News10NBC that he is still trying to get the company to provide a complete medical record for Yancy.

"They're insisting that they can't locate them at this time, so that's something that's a subject of our ongoing investigation...frankly, it's unbelievable," Smalline says.

Individuals who have a complaint or concerns about nursing homes should call the DOH's Centralized Complaint Intake at 1-888-201-4563.


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