Good Question: Are you an intersection budger? Is it legal?

December 03, 2018 07:21 AM

We've all been there before. You get to an intersection, the light is green but there's a traffic jam ahead. There's a chance you can make it all the way through and another chance you'll get stuck in the middle, blocking the intersection.

What should you do?


Pat Taney was asked about that for this week's Good Question report.

This happens a lot. People end up blocking an intersection after not making it all the way through a green light. If that's the case, are you breaking the law?

Our cameras caught this happening. One driver was forced to weave around a car blocking an intersection just to get through when his light turned green.

"That scenario where you get stuck is a bad situation," said Rick Boroski, a driving instructor for ABC School of Driving.

Boroski says it happens all the time.

"We're in a hurry, we know we can make it and need to get home," Boroski said. But he goes onto say that you're breaking the law.

"Unless there is room for you, you cannot pull ahead into the intersection," Boroski said. "You have to wait until there is room for you to pull ahead and then you can cross the intersection when it's green"

Boroski says when you get to a green light and there's even a chance you won't make it, wait for the next light cycle.

"You have to be sure," he said. "You have to anticipate." 

Another law breaking move? Driving through the intersection but pulling to the side of a traffic jam on the shoulder of the road, budging your way through.

"It's like an emergency lane," Boroski said. "You can go over there in an emergency but the shoulder of the road is not the place to go just to get through an intersection. 

As for citations, you can get a ticket for blocking an intersection if an officer catches you in the act to hand. 

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