EXCLUSIVE: New leads in Baby Wayne case

November 16, 2018 11:29 PM

An infant was found dead on the side of the road in Wayne County in 1987. State Police named him Baby Wayne. Investigators have never been able to find the mother or who abandoned the one to two-day-old baby boy. 

News10NBC got exclusive new details on this cold case. State Police got a tip that a brown Ford Maverick was involved. Investigators hope this tip could lead to a break in the case. 


"Baby Wayne is an unnamed baby who was found on the side of the road," said State Police Investigator Bob Klinkman. "A brand new baby had no chance at life." 

The infant was found on a stretch of Marion-Walworth Road in Marion on Feb. 27, 1987. 

At the time, News10NBC spoke with the truck driver from Palmyra who found Baby Wayne. 

"As I'm going up a hill, I notice this bundle alongside the road," said Charles Phillips. "I saw something sticking out of it. When I stopped my truck and got out and approached this bundle, I thought what I first saw was a baby play doll." 

But it wasn't a doll at all.

News10NBC obtained a crime scene picture where you can see the baby's body near the guardrail. He was white, six pounds, had brown eyes and a full head of brown hair. 
"The child did not have any diapers, didn't have a t-shirt. No children's clothing at all," said then State Police Investigator William Bolling back in 1987. "It was wrapped in this brown and white sweater. We feel it's the only thing the mother had available."

Investigator Bolling has since retired. Now, Investigator Bob Klinkman is working the case.

For the first time, he told News10NBC about key evidence recovered from that sweater. 

"There were hairs on it we thought would be used for DNA purposes," said Investigator Klinkman. "They were actually dog hairs. Reddish brown about two to three inches long all through this sweater." 

That leads investigators to believe whoever left Baby Wayne on the side of the road had a dog. 

He also told us about the other new tip. "I got this information, allegedly, that the brown Maverick was somehow involved," said Investigator Klinkman.

The Ford Maverick was produced by Ford in the 1970s. 

"We'd like to fill in the blanks that we have on this case," said Investigator Klinkman. 

State Police believe Baby Wayne was alive when he was abandoned but died in the cold. 

"It hurts you a little bit to know this child was left to basically freeze to death," Investigator Klinkman said. "The cause of death was a combination of a fractured skull and hypothermia."

Troopers aren't sure how or when the skull was fractured causing a brain hemorrhage. However, they don't believe Baby Wayne was born in a hospital. The umbilical cord was not cut properly. 

"Everything leads us to believe the mother panicked when the child was born," said Investigator Bolling back in 1987. "We're quite certain she probably would like to come forward." 

Thirty-one years later, she has not.

Over the years, hundreds of leads have come in. DNA samples have been taken, but all of them came back negative. No relation to Baby Wayne. 

Right now, State Police are working to see if they can get any matches to Baby Wayne's DNA through sites like Ancestry. By next year, they hope to use new DNA technology that could provide a sketch of what the mother would look like. 

In the meantime, if you have any information on this case you're asked to call State Police at (585) 398-4225.  

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