Inside the Evidence: Who killed Tim Milgate?

June 28, 2019 11:30 PM

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — A father in Greece was brutally killed 24 years ago. Tim Milgate was stabbed more than 27 times. He was also shot in the chest and head. No arrests have been made, but investigators are still working to solve it. 

It was Tuesday, June 27, 1995. 

"Didn't appear to be a burglary or robbery," Greece Police Sgt. Ben Waye said. "So yeah, somebody wanted him dead obviously." 

Investigators say Milgate, 34, had recently moved into his mother's home on North Greece Road due to financial issues along with his wife Trudi and their two daughters. 

"On that evening, Tim was home alone and his wife, mother and daughters went to see the movie, 'Pocahontas,'" Waye said. 

When they came back home around 11 p.m., Trudi found Tim dead in the living room.

Investigators say Milgate had been stabbed more than 27 times possibly with a screwdriver. He was also shot in the torso and the forehead. 

Greece Police showed News10NBC crime scene pictures never released before. Investigators believe Milgate was initially shot in his bedroom.

"That led into the living room where he was stabbed multiple times and eventually shot in the head and killed," Waye said. 

Police say the weapons have never been found, and they say nothing was taken from the house. Milgate's wife Trudi initially gave a statement to Greece Police.

Investigators say shortly after Milgate's death, Trudi stopped talking, hired a lawyer and moved to Minnesota along with their two daughters.

Waye recently spoke with one of the daughters on the phone. 

"She didn't remember much," Waye said. "She remembered the night going to the movies and the traumatic scene afterward."

News10NBC reached out to both daughters. They didn't get back to us but have posted about their dad on Facebook. 
As for their mom Trudi, Greece Police sent investigators to Minnesota several years ago to try and speak with her. 

"She refused to speak with the investigators," Greece Police Lt. Chris Bittner said. 

Investigators say Trudi has since moved to Florida and continues to be represented by Rochester attorney David Murante. News10NBC reached out to him. He told us Trudi respectfully declines to comment. 

"I think it's just going to take one person, one phone call to come up with one piece of information that going to break this," said Sgt. Dave Mancuso. 

For the first time, investigators also told News10NBC about a male acquaintance of Trudi's who they say had a lot of details about where the rest of the family was the night Milgate was killed. 

"He knew where they were going, what time they were going, who was going and when they were coming home," Mancuso said. 

News10NBC is not naming him, but investigators say he has also retained an attorney. 

Greece Police say they won't stop until the case is solved. 

"Whoever's sleeping, we hope they don't sleep too well tonight knowing that we're still on it," Bittner said.

"Someone has to know something," Mancuso added. "Someone has to break the silence." 

DNA was recovered from the crime scene but with current technology, Greece Police say it hasn't linked anyone to the homicide. If the gun used to kill Milgate is ever found, investigators could match it through the casings left behind. 

If you have any information on who killed Tim Milgate, call the Greece Police tip line at (585) 581-4016. 


Nikki Rudd

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