Local mother creates 'Pocket People' to help kids through tough situations

November 23, 2018 06:58 PM

If you’re a parent, you know kids can struggle with separation anxiety or have fears of doing things on their own, like going to school or taking a test.  

A local mom found a way to ease her son’s anxieties and her idea has unexpectedly turned into a booming business.  


Nathan Rutkowski is nine years old and very outgoing, but that wasn’t always the case.   

"Nathan was entering kindergarten, he was very anxious and didn’t want to leave me," Debbie Rutkowski, Nathan's mother said. "And we had changes in the family, we had a new baby in the house, and it was tough for him thinking about going to kindergarten.” 

Debbie thought sending Nathan to school with a little piece of her would help ease his anxiety. Then, she got an idea. A 'pocket mommy.' 

“Well, it looked mostly just like her,” Nathan said. 

"I put a head, like a little round bead, and a little body and I sent it attached to his pocket," Debbie said.

“It still looked like her, she tried her best building it, and it’s worked out," Nathan said. "And it just helped me a lot.” 

Nathan wore his Pocket People every day of kindergarten and first grade. He says it really helped him adjust to being away from his mom. And that’s how 'pocket mommy' turned into Pocket People.  

“So it attaches to a belt loop and goes, and goes right down in the pocket, shirts can go right over it so it’s not a distraction in school and kids can keep it secret and hidden if they want to, they can show their friends if they don’t," Debbie said. 

Other moms heard about Pocket People and wanted one for their kids. 

“I had a mom say, 'Olivia is doing great. For the first time ever, she has not cried when she’s gone to preschool,'" Debbie said. "So now we have them in light, medium, and dark skin. We have blonde hair, brown hair, and purple hair, whatever you would need.” 

Debbie says Pocket People are helping kids in all kinds of situations.  

“His little brother has Nathan, me, his dad, and himself all together on his backpack," Debbie said. "Their dad and I are not together anymore so when he goes to dad's, he has us with them, and when they come here, he’s got us all together.” 

If you would to learn more about Pocket People or place an order, click here.


Jennifer Mobilia

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