News10NBC investigates 2 years of unwanted packages to a Brighton home

November 26, 2018 11:33 PM

At least 20 times in the last two years, mysterious packages were delivered to the front door of one of our viewers.

These are packages she didn't order and no one can explain. And with more than a billion packages delivered to homes between now and Christmas, News10NBC tried to learn where they are coming from, and how do you stop them? 


The package is addressed to "Ship Best Online Sale." It comes to Shelley Davis' home in Brighton. 

News10NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean: "What is Best Online Sale?"

Shelley Davis, gets mysterious deliveries at home: "We have no idea."

But that's the name on every strange, unwanted package mailed to her home over the last two years. Davis opened the first ones and found shoes and sunglasses. But she doesn't open them anymore. 

Brean: "What's the problem here? Why not just keep the stuff that gets delivered to your house?"

Davis: "Because I'm afraid that there's something else in there. What if I open it up and there's something illegal in there -- a gun, drugs, whatever. I don't want these coming to my house anymore."

The box on Davis' kitchen table Monday arrived last week.

News10NBC tracked the package.

UPS says it was mailed from Chicago and arrived in Rochester on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

News10NBC searched "Best Online Sale."

Nothing comes up. 

Both Davis and Brean called the Chicago number on the package. Both calls went to voicemail. 

Davis says all the major shippers that delivered these packages to her home -- the Postal Service, FedEx and UPS -- told Davis to return the packages and fill out a mail fraud form. 

Davis says she tried but none of the scenarios on the form apply to what's happening to her. 

"So it says, 'how did you respond to this offer?'" Davis said reading a question from the fraud form. "I didn't. There was no offer for me to respond to."

They're just taped up, brown boxes that show up at her home. 

Davis: "I feel like if I open it, I'm part of what ever is going on here and I don't want to be a part of it. I just want them to stop sending packages to my home."

News10NBC emailed Brighton Police.

Chief Mark Henderson told News10NBC he knows about Davis' problem but he says BPD haven't had any other complaints. 

Because of this report, UPS is investigating and stopping the deliveries to Davis' home. In fact, a UPS rep. went to Davis' house Monday night to get the package. 

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 says it is illegal to send merchandise to someone if they didn't order it or request it. But if you get a package and you like whats inside, the law says you can keep it. 

Click here to know your options when it comes to receiving unwanted packages at your home. 


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