News10NBC Investigates: Canceled ski trips and bounced checks

Berkeley Brean
Updated: January 28, 2020 06:43 PM
Created: January 28, 2020 06:35 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A local bus company called Anytime Coach Lines lost its insurance last week and grounded its fleet. 

As a result, it canceled ski trips at at least two school districts and a town. Paychecks for at least two of the drivers have bounced. 


The owner told News10NBC he's working on new insurance, make-ups for those canceled trips and cash to make payroll. 

Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean: "You're a driver with the company?"

Enrique Steinas, bus driver: "Yes."

Brean: "Are you driving right now?"

Steinas: "No."

Bob Gleichauf, bus driver: "I'm a driver."

Brean: "Are you driving right now?"

Gleichauf: "No I'm not."

Gleichauf and Steinas drive for Anytime Coach Lines. Well, they used to. 

The fleet of buses is parked in an industrial lot on Lyell Avenue because the insurance ran out on Jan. 20. A signed posted to one of the bus doors says "out of service" as of Jan. 24, last Friday. 

The company is having trouble making Gleichauf and Steinas's payroll.

Brean: "What happens on payday when you get the check?"

Steinas: "The checks went to the bank and they bounce."

Gleichauf shared a copy of his last paycheck, returned because of "insufficient funds." A letter from ESL told Bob the bounced check cost him $10. 

He also got a bill from a hotel in Syracuse after an overnight trip back in October. A handwritten note on it reads "Your employer has neglected to pay this bill."

"Therefore I'm responsible for it," Bob said. 

The cost? $73. 

I got the owner of Anytime Coach Lines on the phone Tuesday. His name is Greg Graves. 

He told me he's working on new insurance right now. He said he paid his premium "at the last minute" but the policy was ended.

About the paychecks?

Graves told me "when the funds become available we will be taking care of people."

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website says Anytime Coach Line "has no current for-hire operating authority."

We knew there were schools and communities affected by Anytime's situation.  

When I was talking to the drivers I got called back by Tim Vennino, the director of recreation for the Town of Parma. Vennino said their ski trip last Friday was canceled. Vennino said the Parma rec department paid Anytime more than $7,000 for six trips this year. The only trip that occurred was Friday, Jan. 17. 

Then I got a return call from Honeoye Falls-Lima schools. Their ski club hired Anytime Coach Line and their ski trip to Bristol Mountain last Friday was canceled too.

So was the trip for Pittsford school's ski club.

Graves told me he's trying to re-schedule those trips. He said he, "regrets the position they're in and he's trying to work out of it."

The schools are trying to find other rides.

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