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Fact Check: News10NBC looks into the allegations made by Mayor Warren after her husband's arrest

Berkeley Brean
Created: May 21, 2021 06:31 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — When Mayor Lovely Warren made a passionate defense of herself Thursday after the arrest of her husband, she also made several allegations.

The first one accused the New York State Board of Elections of lying in the case where the mayor is indicted on two campaign finance felonies. 

Mayor Lovely Warren: "I woke up to the fact that the state Board of Elections would lie and send documents full of untruths."

The State Board of Elections report given to the Monroe County District Attorney's office last year was one of the factors that lead to the indictment of the mayor last October.

The lead investigator has since retired.

The State Board of Elections said it had no comment.

The mayor’s attorney in the campaign finance case, Joe Damelio, confirmed he has filed motions against the report produced by the State Board of Elections.

The mayor questioned the timing of her husband's arrest and the motivation of the district attorney.  

Mayor Lovely Warren: "A DA who was eager and angry at me for supporting her opponent, that she would even make a deal with a convicted criminal to harm me."

Mayor Warren did support Sandra Doorley's challenger in 2019. Doorley won the election with 56% of the vote. 

At her press conference Thursday, Doorley said the case is not political and the mayor's husband was not the original target, but her office declined to comment on the mayor's allegation. 

The convicted criminal the mayor referred to is former lobbyist Robert Scott Gaddy. 

When I reached Gaddy on Twitter, he gave me a one-word comment — "Snooze." 

Then the mayor questioned a leak of the raid on her house to the New York Times.

Mayor Lovely Warren: "Let's ask ourselves why, at the exact time police were knocking at my door, the New York Times, all the way from Manhattan, was sending me an email asking me about this."

News10NBC got the email from the mayor's communication director.

The email shows at 4-37 Wednesday, a reporter from the New York Times emailed mayor's spokesman Justin Roj writing "hearing that Lovely Warren's husband might have been arrested by the state police?"

The raid on the mayor's house started at approximately seven minutes before the email was sent.

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