Good Samaritan speaks out about fighting off armed robber at People's Choice Kitchen

Charles Molineaux
Updated: December 24, 2019 11:11 PM
Created: December 24, 2019 10:38 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Police are still looking for whoever tried to hold up the People's Choice Kitchen restaurant Monday night. Now, Darnell Wilson, the man who came to the rescue says it was just timing.

"I do not know. Last night I didn't know what took over me," Wilson said.


Darnell Wilson has bandages on bloody lacerations on his hand and on his side, but the only bullet holes are in the floor and in the wall of the People's Choice Kitchen, possibly because Wilson happened to be there, and got involved.

"Can't say bad timing because I feel like I was here at the right time," Wilson said.

Friends and customers of the restaurant came back to the scene behind the plywood that replaced the front window after a man with a gun tried to rob the place and pulled a gun on the owner, Evangela Stanley.

"I realized this is not a customer. This is someone for bad, for evil, and I started screaming," Wilson said. "Kind of like a reaction. It was a reaction.. No thinking it was just come to the rescue and help her out."

Wilson is Stanley's friend, who used to live over the restaurant, attacked and fought with the gunman.

In the struggle, the gunman got off a couple of shots, but they didn't hit anyone. Two rounds plunged through the front window, shattering it. Wilson and the gunman got cut up, but the holdup was foiled. 

"When that second shot went off, I was like… That's what I thought about my son immediately," Wilson said. "He's trying to kill me. I'm thinking 'I can't go out like this.'"

Even as he's being called a hero, Wilson says his courage may be a lesson, but that the foolishness of the robber is another.

"We've got to do better," Wilson said. "We've got to stop… We need to pick up our community not bring it down. Not tear it down."

With Christmas upon us, Wilson says there's plenty to celebrate.

"I'll be home with my family and all the one piece. The only thing we lost was a window I'm glad for that," Wilson said.

Police did find a gun at the scene. They're asking anyone who knows anything about who the robber might be to call 911.

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