Police increase patrols ahead of new school year

August 23, 2019 08:36 AM

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) – Police are increasing patrols ahead of the new school year, wanting to break drivers of bad traffic habits.

Students may have another week and a half of summer left, but police officers in Greece aren’t taking a break. They’re hitting the road early to warn drivers of the upcoming school year.


“We have a lot of walkers in the middle and high schools," Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan said. "A lot of kids getting on and off buses. It is dangerous if someone disobeys traffic laws."

He’s been out on patrols himself, focusing on neighborhood streets where people may be speeding or running stop signs.

“I’ve really seen the change over 30 years; people drive really aggressively," Phelan said. "You need to take a breath, slow’re going to get there. Take it easy."

It's also important to get back into the routine of leaving early for your commute, knowing school buses will soon be on the road.

Don’t expect patrols to slow down once school starts. Officers plan on following school buses on their routes to look for anyone passing it while stopped and while picking up or dropping off students.


Stephanie Robusto

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