Photos show bloody pants evidence as Rideout case continues

July 10, 2017 07:19 PM

It's been nine full days of testimony in the Craig Rideout murder trial and we can finally show you a piece of evidence that prosecutors hope will tie the four suspects to the gruesome murder of the Penfield father of seven.

On trial is the victim's estranged wife Laura Rideout, her boyfriend Paul Tucci and two of the victim's sons Colin and Alex.

We've been waiting for the fingerprint and DNA experts to show up because the prosecution has really only given jurors circumstantial evidence. They have to decide if there's evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict any of the four suspects of murder.

This is the second time jurors have seen a photo of a pair of bloody Wrangler jeans. Police found them in a garbage bag in the trunk of a Chrysler at Mendon Ponds Park. They say it was driven there by Colin and Alex Rideout the day after Craig Rideout's body was found in Yates County.


At the park, deputies also found a garbage bag in the water; inside were drain cleaner bottles. Police say drain cleaner was poured over the victim's face. Monday, jurors heard about fluid collected from the tarp. The vials were carried in to court by the prosecutor in what looked like a paint can.

The defense has been questioning how police handled evidence after the suspects were arrested especially a blood splattered box found in the victim's basement three weeks after the body turned up. Also, fingerprints on a container of Clorox wipes that an expert tied to Laura Rideout -- but he admitted he had no way of knowing when that print was put there.

So, of 16 fingerprints pulled from the murder scene, jurors have only heard that one is connected to a suspect. They haven't heard whose jeans those were or whose blood it is but we expect two DNA experts from the Monroe County Crime Lab to testify on Tuesday.

"They've connected one and they haven't connected others," said David Pilato, Laura Rideout's defense attorney. "They didn't collect a whole lot to begin with."


Howard Thompson

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