News10NBC Investigates: Video captures hit and run with Ryder box truck, Ryder agrees to pay back victim

Berkeley Brean
Created: January 10, 2020 06:36 PM

HOLLEY, N.Y. (WHEC) — A hit and run victim says she has tried for months to get someone to listen to her and help her. And when that did not happen, she turned to us here at News10NBC. 

Now we can show you what happened to her and the help that our work is getting her.


News10NBC obtained video of the impact. It's not a big crash, but it left Jen Martin without a car and left her alone facing a nearly $5,000 repair. 

"I was thinking today they need an emoji for someone who is pulling their hair out because that's how I felt through this whole situation," Martin said.

It happened to Martin the day before Thanksgiving. She showed me the security video of her SUV getting hit by a rental truck in Holley.

The video the area outside the post office in Holley. You can see Martin's car parked on the side of the street. The video shows a white Ryder box truck back out of the post office lot and right into Martin's car.

The impact crushed the door and blew out the window. 

And the damage?

Jen Martin: "It was $4,700. That's a lot."

Brean: "That's not chump change."

Martin: "No, it's not. Not at all."

The video shows the driver getting out to check the back of the truck.

The Holley Police report says the Ryder truck "left the scene" and there were "no witnesses."

And the video backs that up as it shows the truck driving away 20 minutes later.

"I felt like a victim and it's not my fault and I'm paying all the consequences," Martin said.

Ever since Martin contacted me last week about this I've been working to get answers.

And this week we got them.

An email from Ryder says, "Our claims department has already spoken with Jen [Martin] You're welcome to follow up with her as we have agreed to take care of her damages including reimbursing her deductible and out of pocket expenses."

Brean: "So it looks like Ryder is going to help you here."

Martin: "Hey, that would be great."

Brean: "Have you learned anything from this experience? What's your takeaway?"

Martin: "Make sure you have rental insurance on your insurance coverage. And fight for what you think is right."

Now what was that Ryder truck delivering to the Holley post office at 6 a.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? And who was the driver working for? 

I promised Martin that I'll keep working to find that out too. 

If you have information, call the Holley Police.

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