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Small Business Spotlight: B&C Auto Restoration and Paint

Brett Davidsen
Updated: February 06, 2020 10:32 AM
Created: February 05, 2020 09:05 PM

ONTARIO, N.Y. (WHEC) — Just imagine flying down the highway in one of these classics. Maybe that's a dream. But at B&C Auto Restoration and Paint, their motto is "Putting Your Dreams into Motion."

They build hot rods, muscle cars... any vintage variety. Recently, owner Bill Kilpatrick showed me around the shop to get a peek at what they're working on. And it's every gear-head's dream.


"That's a '69 Dodge Dart out of Houston, Texas," Kilpatrick pointed out as we walked through the shop. And there were lots of others.

"This is a '67 Chevelle..."

"This baby here - this is a '71 Bronco..."

The cars and trucks here are in varying stages of restoration.

Brett Davidsen: “How did this passion start for you?”

Bill Kilpatrick: "I used to build model cars in my basement. I was about 7 or 8 years old."

Kilpatrick worked on cars as a hobby while he and his wife Tricia ran a bakery when he decided to make a go of it full-time.

"I just thought, I'm gonna just paint some cars and ship them," Kilpatrick said.

That was in 2005. Since then, he has expanded several times and just added a second building to go with his 10,000 square-foot shop.

Davidsen: “How many cars do you generally have working at any given time?”

Kilpatrick: "13-14."

The owners of these vintage cars tend to be collectors and have the money to invest.

"We have a '58 Chrysler in the other shop that has a Hellcat motor in it,” Kilpatrick pointed out. "I mean, it's a brand new car in an old body."

And he's upfront about what it costs to fully restore them.

Kilpatrick: "A full restoration can run from about 120 all the way up to 6/700..."

Davidsen: "Thousand."

Kilpatrick: "Yup."

Whether it's putting in a new engine, painting, body work, adding high tech electronics, or restoring the upholstery, Kilpatrick relishes the challenge.

Davidsen: “Is there anything you can't do with a car?”

Kilpatrick: (pause) "No."

But Kilpatrick is building more than cars. He's also building quite a reputation, bringing in cars from as far away as British Columbia, California and Texas.

"I have 15 cars waiting to come in. They've already given me a deposit. They're gonna wait. Pretty nuts. That's a good four years of work already, booked up," he said. 

So what's the best part of the job at B & C? Kilpatrick didn't hesitate.

"The best part of this business is when the customer gets in and leaves and the expression on his face. He's happier than heck. And it's also time for me to start a new project." 

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