Small Business Spotlight: Sugary Delights

September 06, 2019 09:34 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — When it comes to spinning cotton candy, it's all in the wrists. So says Lemar Blue, the owner and operator of Sugary Delights gourmet cotton candy.

"We do spin [it] right in front of you," said Blue. "You get to pick a flavor, watch it get made and then you get to eat it."


Blue started the company a few years ago after seeing a friend out of state doing something similar. Now you can find him spinning cotton candy at events throughout Western New York. 

Sure, you'll find sugary delights at festivals and birthday parties. On the day we visited him he was handing out pre-packaged cups of cotton candy at a summer camp in Gates. But it's not just children's events.

Lemar Blue: "It's almost 50/50 to the parties I do for adults and kids."

Brett Davidsen: "That surprise you?"

Lemar Blue: "Definitely surprising, because you would think cotton candy is more of a kid treat."

Blue has also been booked for weddings, baby reveal parties, and some events that are a little bizarre.

"We've even done a party for a couple -- they had a farm. And it was their pig's birthday," said Blue. "So there was a pig, a chicken, a goat and a few kids, and we just threw the cotton candy on the ground and the animals loved it."

What the farm animals probably didn't realize is that these aren't your ordinary cotton candy flavors.

Brett Davidsen: "When I think of cotton candy, I think pink and blue."

Lemar Blue: "Correct."

Brett Davidsen: "And they both taste the same."

Lemar Blue: "Correct."

Brett Davidsen: "What is it about your cotton candy that's different?"

Lemar Blue: "We went with flavors you wouldn't see. We created a root beer, a toasted marshmallow, a cookie dough, a birthday cake."

Blue wouldn't say how he creates those flavors — only that he uses natural cane sugar.

"And the rest is a top secret, but it is all natural, and the flavors are spot-on," he said.

He has five people working for him. And he needs the help now, as he recently added a shaved ice concession business he calls Snowie.

His new bright yellow rig is hard to miss.

Lemar Blue: "Obviously we created a bus that captured — we went looking for the 'wow' factor."

Brett Davidsen: "You succeeded."

Lemar Blue: "Yes. Thank you. It's amazing. We love it."

The state-of-the-art bus is solar-powered and has lights and music. Most of all, it's built for speed. It'll make 16 cups of shaved ice per minute, offering 10 different flavors.

Blue says his favorite part of operating Sugary Delights is interacting with people and being able to bring a smile to their faces as they enjoy what he has created. 

"Just trying to make the world a sweeter place."

You can find Sugary Delights this Saturday at the Marion Fall Festival and also at Hang Around Victor Day.

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Brett Davidsen

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