Surveillance video in Rideout murder case released

August 14, 2017 06:20 PM

ROCHESTER — Drain cleaner, gloves, bungee cords, a tarp and a shovel — just some of the items purchased at local Walmarts by Craig Rideout’s family members in the hours leading up to his brutal death. Surveillance video shows Colin and Laura Rideout and Paul Tucci buying the items on July 18, 19 and 20 of 2016.

Colin and Laura Rideout have been convicted of murder; Paul Tucci was acquitted on all charges. The Rideouts will appeal their convictions.

Video shown during the trial a few weeks ago has now been released to the public.  The first video shows Laura and Colin Rideout at the Macedon Walmart on July 18 — they purchase two bottles of drain cleaner and a stick of deodorant.  The next day, Laura is seen at the Walmart on Hudson Avenue in Rochester with her boyfriend Paul Tucci.

The pair purchased three more bottles of drain cleaner, a tarp, two sets of bungee cords, bug spray and a bottle of diet coke. A few hours later, Colin made another trip to the Macedon Walmart where he purchased a shovel and four pair of gloves with cash. Craig Rideout was killed that night, drain cleaner was dumped on his face to try and disfigure the body which was found wrapped in a tarp in Yates County.

Monroe County prosecutors tied many of the items purchased during these shopping trips to the crime scene, to the field where Craig Rideout’s body was found and to the area where Colin and Alex Rideout were caught trying to dispose of evidence. Alex Rideout was acquitted of murder but convicted of tampering with evidence.

Colin Rideout’s attorney tells News10NBC that while it is his client in the videos, he was simply following orders given to him on what to buy and he was given cash to buy it.

“You can't guess as to whether he knew the purpose of buying those items and even as we sit here today, we don't know whether these items were purchased for a particular purpose when they were purchased. Ultimately, I think a decent argument was that they were used but when was that decision made and by who,” questions Matthew Parrinello, Colin Rideout’s attorney.

The release of the videos is unlikely to impact an appeal hearing for either Colin or Laura Rideout. "The appeal won't go on fact aspects mainly, it'll go on legal aspects, what happened at the trial so some of the things that came in at the trial against Colin that didn't really apply to him,” Parrinello explains.

Colin, Laura and Alex Rideout remain behind bars until sentencing in October.



Jennifer Lewke

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