Three years later: Quadruple homicide in Rochester unsolved

January 09, 2019 11:31 PM

Wednesday marks three years since four people were brutally killed in Rochester. It's a crime responding officers, investigators and firefighters will never forget.  Four people found tied up in an attic. Their mouths covered in duct tape - murdered. To this day, no credible leads have come in to find the killer. 
News10NBC's Nikki Rudd obtained pictures, never seen before, from inside the house where it happened on Leighton Avenue and takes us Inside the Evidence. 
Nikki Rudd: "To be capable of a crime like this, this is a monster out there."
RPD Investigator John Brennan: "Yea. There's a monster out there. It's the devil himself." 

 On January 9th, 2016, four people were murdered in a Rochester home, and the house was set on fire. 
911 Dispatch Audio: "I now have four deceased victims. This is going to be a crime scene." 


Inv. Brennan: "While they're fighting the fire - made the discovery of four bodies in the house."
Michael Royal, 28, lived in the upstairs apartment on Leighton Avenue along with his fiancé Jennifer Leasure, 29. He rented a room to Lachelle Powell, 22 and Michael Adams, 45. Royal's mother also lived there.

Inv. Brennan: "She was gone for the weekend, came home that night close to midnight, found the front door open. The light not on."

Investigators showed News10NBC the crime scene photos. They say Mary Royal walked into the house, went up the stairs to the second floor apartment, and that's when she smelled smoke. Pictures from the room where the victims were murdered are too brutal to show on television. 

Inv. Brennan: "We're not going to show anything after this point. That's a memory the firemen and the investigators are going to live with." 

Rochester Police Investigators John Brennan and Gary Galetta have been working this case from day one. 
RPD Investigator Gary Galetta: "The number of victims and the brutality of this. It's kind of hard to believe it hasn't gained as much attention. A quadruple murder in this community, it's so rare." 

Three years later, no arrests have been made. They don't know the motive or why they were targets.

Inv. Brennan: "We know they were involved in low level drug dealing, but we don't know if that had anything to do with it." 

Investigators believe more than one person was involved. They won't reveal how they were killed, but say the murders were brutal. 

Inv. Galetta: "It's a lot harder to physically kill somebody than it is to shoot them from a distance. It's a very personal thing when you do it like this." 
So who killed these four people? Only rumors have been reported to police. 

Inv. Brennan: "We need help from somebody out there who has direct knowledge who is going to be brave enough and have the courage to come forward." 
Investigators say they will protect anyone who comes forward, and they won't give up on solving this case. 
Inv. Brennan: "We want them bad. If we find out credible information who did this, they're done. We'll hunt them down. We're going after them." 

Investigators hope sharing the story will help people come forward with information. You can call Crime Stoppers at (585) 423-9300. 

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