Town of Brighton pushing Whole Foods project forward despite lawsuits

August 29, 2019 08:16 PM

BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WHEC) — The Whole Foods Plaza project is officially moving forward in Brighton.

That's according to Bright Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, a strong advocate for the plan. However, there is still some resistance.


The main concern of people who live and travel through the area has been traffic. But a new DOT study shows putting the Whole Foods Plaza here along with a new timed traffic light would only add about 22 seconds to a commute during peak driving times.

For years there has been a fierce debate over whether a Whole Foods Plaza on Monroe Avenue is a good idea.

"The state DOT, the experts, relying upon voluminous data, have determined that levels of service at the major intersections in the area will not materially be affected by this project," said Moehle.

Moehle says the developers of the project have made requested changes to reduce the size and alleviate traffic concerns. Now, he says it's time to see them build.

"There are no special deals on taxes, this project will pay full taxes," said Moehle. "What do I mean by full taxes?  An estimate of $400,000 per year in taxes, $200,000 of that for our school district."

Moehle also says it's time for the "frivolous litigation" to end, but it doesn't look like the people behind the lawsuits trying to block the project are going down without a fight.

"Let the town residents vote if we want this project the way that they've proposed it," said Howie Jacobson. "It's going to be in court for a long, long time."

Jacobson runs Brighton Grassroots, one of two groups strongly opposed to the project.

"If you read the traffic study you can tell right away that the traffic study is not properly done," he said in response to the DOT study.

The town says it trusts the data and as far as it's concerned, the developers have the green light.


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