Troopers warn drivers to clean off lights and windows or face a ticket

December 12, 2017 11:38 PM

There's one more reason to give yourself extra time in the morning to clean off your car: It's a matter of safety and it could be a matter of dollars and cents.

Rochester resident Nick Gilbert took time to clean off his car Tuesday night. He worked at home for the day, but in the morning he will have to drive in to the office. Gilbert wants to make sure he has to clean off only what accumulates overnight.

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"If I'm running late to work," Gilbert says. "I may not do the whole car, but I try to do for sure the lights in the back and the headlights in the front -- just because you need those to see especially if it's early morning or late at night."

Not only will this save Gilbert time, but it could make his commute safer and save him money.

"Here the taillights are covered, if the operator of this vehicle were to be involved in an accident and the taillights were covered, they'd be issued a summons," says Trooper Mark O'Donnell. "You have to have your headlights clear, your taillights clear, say the windshield was 50 percent snow covered, they could be ticketed for that as well."

Trooper O'Donnell with the New York State Police says troopers will be on the lookout for snow covered cars. Not cleaning off your head and taillights and your windshield breaks the law. And the two to five minutes you save could cost you big.

Trooper O'Donnell says, "Tickets range up to $200 with the fine and the surcharge and again safety is paramount."

It's the reason expecting mother Jennifer Owens takes the extra time to do this. "I don't like when I have snow left on it. When you're driving it will fall off anyway. I don't like that I think it's unsafe, so I'd rather clean it all off and get it done with."

Owens says, "It's one of those things you get a ticket and you learn from take 30 seconds more to wipe your car off versus have somebody slam into your car."


Lynette Adams

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