Uncontested races & winners in Tuesday’s election

Uncontested races & winners in Tuesday’s election

November 07, 2017 08:30 PM

The following candidates did not face a challenge from another candidate in Tuesday’s election:
Justice of the Supreme Court (7th District) – John Gallagher (R, C, I)
Monroe County:
Monroe County Family Court Judge - Joseph Nesser (R, C, WF, I, REF)
Rochester City Court Judge – Charles Crimi (D, WF, I)
Brighton Town Supervisor – Bill Moehle (D, WF, I)
Brighton Town Clerk – Daniel Aman (D, WF, I)
Brighton Town Council – Robin Wilt (D, WF, I, WE) & James Vogel (D, I)
Chili Town Clerk – Virginia Ignatowski (R, C, I, REF)
Chili Town Justice – Ronald Evangelista (R, C, WF, I, REF)
Chili Town Council – Mark DeCory (R, C, I, REF) & Mary Sperr (R, C, I, REF)
Clarkson Superintendent of Highways – Robert Viscardi (R, C, I, REF)
Gates Town Justice – Peter Pupatelli (R, C, I, REF) & Frank Cassara (R, C, I, REF)
Greece Town Council Ward 1 – Mike Barry (R, C, I, REF)
Greece Town Council Ward 3 – Josh Jensen (R, C, I, REF)
Greece Town Council Ward 4 – Diana Christodaro (R, C, I, REF)
Hamlin Town Supervisor – Eric Peters (R, C, I)
Hamlin Town Justice – Richard Moffett (R, C, I, REF)
Hamlin Town Council – Jason Baxter (R, C, I) & Jennifer Voelkl (R, C, I)
Hamlin Superintendent of Highways – Steven Baase (R, C, I)
Irondequoit Town Justice – Joseph Valentino (D, C, I, WF) & Joseph Genier (D, C, I)
Mendon Town Supervisor – John Moffitt (R, C, I, REF)
Mendon Town Clerk – James Merzke (R, C, I, REF)
Mendon Town Justice – Cara Briggs (R, C, I, REF)
Mendon Superintendent of Highways – William Smith (R, C, I, REF)
Ogden Town Supervisor – Gay Lenhard (R, C, I)
Ogden Town Justice – David Murante (R, C, I)
Ogden Town Council – Thomas Uschold (R,C, I) & Thomas Cole (R, C, I)
Ogden Superintendent of Highways – David Widger (R, C, I)
Parma Town Supervisor – Jack Barton (R, C, I)
Parma Town Clerk – Carrie Webster (R, C, I)
Parma Town Council – Daniel Barlow (R, C, I) & James Roose (R, C, I)
Parma Town Council (2-Year) – Richard Wilt (R, C, I)
Parma Superintendent of Highways – Brian Speer (R, C, I)
Penfield Town Supervisor – Tony LaFountain (R, C, I, REF)
Penfield Town Clerk – Amy Steklof (R, C, I, REF)
Penfield Town Justice – Jim Mulley (R, C, I, REF)
Penfield Town Council – Paula Metzler (R, C, I, REF) & Andy Moore (R, C, I, REF)
Perinton Town Supervisor – Mike Barker (R, C, I)
Perinton Town Justice – Michael Arnold (R, C, I)
Pittsford Town Supervisor – William Smith (R, C, I, REF)
Pittsford Town Justice – John Bernacki (R, C, I, WF, REF)
Riga Town Supervisor – Brad O’Brocta (R, C, I, REF)
Riga Town Clerk – Kimberly Pape (R, C, I, REF)
Riga Superintendent of Highways – David Smith (R, C, I)
Rush Town Supervisor – Cathleen Frank (R, C, I)
Rush Town Council – Gerald Kusse (R, C, I) & Rita McCarthy (R, C, I)
Sweden Town Supervisor – Kevin Johnson (R, C, I, REF)
Sweden Town Clerk – Karen Sweeting (R, C, I, REF)
Sweden Town Justice – Anthony Perry (R, C, I, REF)
Webster Town Justice – Thomas DiSalvo (R, C, I, REF)
Wheatland Town Supervisor – Linda Dobson (R, C, I)
Wheatland Town Justice – Nicole Bayly-Henshaw (R, C, I, WF)
Wheatland Town Council – Edward Shero (R, C, I) & Lisa Wasson (R, C, I)
Wheatland Superintendent of Highways – Howard Hazelton (R, C, I)
East Rochester Town Justice – David Bonacchi (R, C, I, WF, REF)
Livingston County:
Livingston County Sheriff – Thomas Dougherty (R, C, I)
Livingston County Treasurer – Amy Mann (R, C, I)
Livingston County Coroner – Robert Waltman (R) & Shannon Griese (R)
Avon Town Supervisor - David LeFeber (R)
Avon Town Justice – Jeannie Michalski (R, C, I)
Caledonia Town Supervisor – Daniel Pangrazio (R)
Caledonia Town Clerk – Laurie Sattora (R)
Caledonia Town Justice – Kyle MacKay(R)
Caledonia Town Council – Mark Rothrock (R) & Todd Bickford (R)
Conesus Town Clerk – Annette McNinch (R, PC)
Conesus Superintendent of Highways – Stephen Martucio (R, PC)
Geneseo Town Justice – Kathleen Houston (R)
Leicester Town Justice – Richard White (D, R)
Leicester Town Council – Joni Santucci (D, R) & Matthew Durbin (D, R)
Lima Town Justice – Harold Harris (R, C) & Elvira Luhowy (R)
Lima Town Council – Bruce Mayer (R) & William Carey (R)
Lima Superintendent of Highways – Keith Arner (R)
Livonia Town Clerk – Colleen West Hay (R)
Livonia Town Justice – Rpbert Lemen (R)
Livonia Superintendent of Highways – David Coty (R)
Mount Morris Town Supervisor – Charles DiPasquale (R, D)
Mount Morris Town Justice – Bob Ossont (R, D) & David Provo (R, D)
Mount Morris Town Council – Donald Huff (R, D) & David DiSalvo (R, D)
North Dansville Town Supervisor – Dennis Mahus (R)
North Dansville Town Clerk – Timothy Wolfanger (R)
Nunda Town Clerk – Cheyenne DeMarco (D, R)
Nunda Town Council – Jim Forrester (R) & Randy Morris (R)
Ossian Town Supervisor –Dwight Knapp (R)
Ossian Town Clerk – Stephen Rauber (R)
Ossian Town Justice – Gordon Wilson (R)
Ossian Superintendent of Highways – Shuan Metcalfe (R)
Portage Town Supervisor - Ivan Davis (R)
Portage Town Justice – Richard Sinsabaugh (R)
Portage Town Council – David Krenzer (R) & John Thompson (R)
Sparta Town Supervisor – Mark Schuser (R)
Sparta Town Clerk – Sheila Duffy (R)
Sparta Town Council – William Smith (R) & Debra Halpenny (R)
Sparta Superintendent of Highways – Kevin Robinson (R)
West Sparta Town Supervisor – Susan Jane Erdle (D, R)
West Sparta Town Clerk – Marie Powell (D, WSF)
West Sparta Town Justice – Terri Mahany (D, R)
West Sparta Superintendent of Highways – Cory Mahany (D, R)
Ontario County:
Canandaigua City Mayor - Ellen Polimeni (D, CS)
Canandaigua City Supervisor – Richard Russell (REF)
Canandaigua City Supervisor (Wards 1 & 4) – David Baker (D, CS)
Canandaigua City Council – Daniel Lynch (REF), Nicholas Cutri (D, CS), Karen White (D, CS)
Bristol Town Supervisor – Robert Green (R, C, I)
Bristol Town Clerk – Sharon Miller (R)
Canadice Town Supervisor – Kristine Singer (R)
Canadice Town Justice – Russel Coon (R)
Canadice Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Eileen Schaefer (R)
Canadice Town Council – Mark Statt (R) & Teryl Gronwall (R)
Canandaigua Town Clerk – Jean Chrisman (D, R, C, I)
Canandaigua Town Justice – David Prull (R, D, C)
Canandaigua Town Council - Linda Dworaczyk (D, R), Terrence Fennelly (R) & Gary Davis (R)
Canandaigua Superintendent of Highways – James Fletcher (D, R, C, I)
East Bloomfield Town Supervisor – Fred Wille (D, R)
East Bloomfield Town Clerk – Margaret Gochenaur (D, R, C)
Farmington Town Supervisor – Peter Ingalsbe (R, C)
Farmington Town Clerk – Michelle Finley (R)
Farmington Town Justice – John Gligora (R)
Farmington Town Council – Michael Casale (C, R) & Steven Holtz (R)
Farmington Superintendent of Highways – Donald Giroux (R)
Geneva Town Supervisor – Mark Venuti (D)
Geneva Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Lorrie Naegele (R, GF)
Geneva Town Justice – Brian Fay (D)
Geneva Town Council – Kimberly Aliperti (D) & Mark Palmieri (D)
Gorham Town Supervisor – Frederick Lightfoote (R)
Gorham Town Clerk – Darby Perrotte (R)
Gorham Town Justice – John Peck (R)
Gorham Town Council – William Glitch (R) & Richard Malcolm (R)
Gorham Tax Collector – Susan Yarger (R)
Hopewell Town Supervisor – Ted Bateman (R)
Hopewell Town Clerk – Mary Ann Trickey (R)
Hopewell Town Council – Matt Goodman (R) & Jeffrey Trickey (R)
Hopewell Superintendent of Highways – Matthew Curran (R)
Manchester Town Supervisor – Jeff Gallahan (R, C)
Manchester Town Council – David Phillips (R, C) & Kevin Blazey (R)
Naples Town Supervisor – Tamara Hicks (R, C)
Naples Town Clerk – Joanne Lincoln (R, D)
Naples Town Justice – Matthew Green (R, D)
Naples Tax Collector – Joanne Schenk (D, R)
Naples Superintendent of Highways - David Voss (D, R)
Phelps Town Supervisor – Norma Teed (R)
Phelps Town Clerk – Linda Neiskes (R)
Phelps Town Justice – Robert Gosper (R)
Phelps Town Council – Dennis King (R) & William Wellman (R)
Richmond Town Supervisor – Caroline Sauers (R, CU)
Richmond Town Clerk – Linda Grace (R)
Richmond Town Justice – John Chrisman (R)
Richmond Town Council – Daryl Marshall (R) & David Violas (R)
Richmond Superintendent of Highways – Thomas Fleig (R)
Seneca Town Supervisor – Andrew Wickham (R)
Seneca Town Clerk - Kate Silverstrim (R)
Seneca Town Council – Howard Keeney (R) & James Malyj (R)
South Bristol Town Supervisor – Daniel Marshall (R)
South Bristol Town Council – Scott Wohlschlegel (R) & James Strickland (D)
Victor Town Clerk – Karen Bodine (R, C, I, REF)
Victor Town Council – David Condon (R. C. I), Michael Guinan (R, I) & Edward Kahovec (R)
Victor Superintendent of Highways – Mark Years (R)
West Bloomfield Town Supervisor – Todd Campbell (R)
West Bloomfield Clerk – Mary Grundman (R)
West Bloomfield Town Council – Kevin Carey (R) & William Travis (R)
West Bloomfield Superintendent of Highways – Jeffrey Ball (R)
Orleans County:
Orleans County Clerk – Karen Lake-Maynard (R)
Orleans County Treasurer – Kimberly DeFrank (R)
Albion Town Supervisor – Richard Remley (R)
Albion Town Council – Arnold Allen (R) & Matthew Passarell (R, C)
Barre Town Clerk – Maureen Beach (D)
Barre Town Justice – Richard DeCarlo (R, C, I)
Barre Town Council – Lynn Hill (R, I) & Thomas McCabe (R, I)
Carlton Town Clerk – Karen Narbaugh (R, I)
Carlton Town Justice – Kevin Hurley (R)
Carlton Town Council – Jeffrey Gifaldi (R) & Deborah Yockel (R)
Clarendon Town Supervisor – Richard Moy (R)
Clarendon Town Council – Marc Major (R) & Paul Nicosia (R)
Kendall Town Supervisor – Anthony Cammarata (R, I)
Kendall Town Justice 0 Debra Drennan (R, I)
Kendall Town Council – Bruce Newell (R) & Wayne Martin (R)
Kendall Highway Superintendent – Warren Kruger (R, I)
Murray Town Clerk – Cynthia Oliver (R, I)
Murray Town Justice – Gary Passarell (R, I)
Murray Highway Superintendent – Edward Morgan (R, I)
Ridgeway Town Council – David Stalker (R) & Jeffrey Toussaint (R)
Ridgeway Highway Superintendent – Mark Goheen (R)
Shelby Town Supervisor – Edward Houseknecht (R, C, I)
Shelby Town Council – William Bacon (R, I) & Stephen Seitz (R)
Yates Town Supervisor – James Simon (R, C, I)
Yates Town Justice – Donald Grabowski (R, I)
Wayne County:
Wayne County Sheriff – Barry Virts (R, C)
Wayne County Clerk – Michael Jankowski (R, C)
Arcadia Town Justice – Art Williams (R)
Arcadia Town Council – Mike Diamond (R) & David Greco (R)
Arcadia Receiver of Taxes and Assessments – Sharon VerHeecke (R)
Butler Town Supervisor – David Spickerman (R)
Butler Town Clerk – Selena Abbott (R)
Butler Town Justice – Scott Stone (R)
Butler Town Council – Chris Reed (R) & John Dates (R)
Butler Highway Superintendent – Richard Robinson (R)
Galen Town Justice – Carol Heald (D, R)
Huron Town Supervisor – Laurie Crane (R)
Huron Town Clerk – Tammy Vezzose (R)
Huron Town Council – David Buisch (R) & Richard Reyn
Huron Highway Superintendent – Gerritt Reyn (R)
Lyons Town Supervisor – Brian Manketlow (D, R)
Lyons Town Clerk – Sal Colatarci (D, R)
Lyons Highway Superintendent – Timothy Moore (D, R)
Macedon Town Justice – Thomas Crowley (R)
Marion Town Supervisor – Nicholas Deming (R)
Marion Town Justice – Samuel Bonafede (R)
Marion Town Council – Joan Fisher (R) & Deborah Smith (R)
Marion Highway Superintendent – Timothy Boerman (R)
Ontario Town Justice – William Benedict (R, OF)
Palmyra Town Justice – Terry Rodman (R)
Palmyra Town Council – Todd Pipitone (R) & Brad Cook (R)
Palmyra Village Trustee – Mark Warters (R)
Rose Town Supervisor – Kenan Baldridge (R)
Rose Town Council – Tilton Sears (D, R) & Duane Shipley (R)
Savannah Town Supervisor – Michael Kolczynski (R, DW)
Savannah Town Justice – Heath TenEyck (R, DW)
Savannah Town Council – Jack Sloan (R, DW) & John Gill (DW)
Sodus Town Council – Donald Ross (R, C), David LeRoy (R, C) & Scot Johnson (R)
Sodus Point Village Trustee – Sean Kennedy (R)
Walworth Town Justice – Charles Young (R, S)
Walworth Highway Superintendent – Timothy Vendel (R, S, C)
Williamson Town Council – Michael Bixby (R) & Abram Moll (R)
Wolcott Town Supervisor – Lynn Chatfield (R)
Wolcott Town Clerk – Dawn Krul (R)
Wolcott Town Justice – Henry Krasucki (R)
Wolcott Highway Superintendent – Scott Maybe (R)
Yates County:
Yates County Treasurer – Winona Flynn (R)
Yates County Coroner – Theron Smith (R)
Yates Leg. Dist. 2 – Terry Button (R) – Timothy Dennis (R) – Richard Wilson (R)
Yates Leg. Dist. 4 – William Holgate (R) – Bonnie Percy (R) – James Multer (R)
Barrington Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Joy Perry (R)
Barrington Town Council – Bryan Yarrington (FP) & Nathaniel Olney (R)
Barrington Town Justice – Rennee Crofoot (R)
Barrington Highway Superintendent – Steven Wheeler (R)
Benton Town Supervisor – John Prendergast (R)
Italy Town Supervisor – Margaret Dunn (R)
Italy Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Deborah Craig (R)
Italy Town Council – David Ferry (R) & Ruth Craig (R)
Italy Town Justice – James Hicks (R)
Jerusalem Town Supervisor – Patrick Killen (R)
Jerusalem Town Council – Jamie Sisson (R) & Raymond Stewart (R)
Middlesex Town Supervisor – Wayne Dunton (R)
Middlesex Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Lynnette Miller (R)
Middlesex Town Council – Thomas Bonacquisti (U) & James Grant (R)
Middlesex Highway Superintendent – Todd Conaway (R)
Milo Town Clerk – Patricia Christensen (R)
Milo Highway Superintendent – Lance Yonge (R)
Potter Town Supervisor – Leonard Lisenbee (R)
Potter Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Julie Brown (R)
Potter Town Council – Paul Moberg (R) & Brian Bootes (R)
Potter Highway Superintendent – Arthur Parsons (R)
Starkey Town Council – Alan Giles (R) & William Holgate (R)
Starkey Highway Superintendent – Louis Seeley (R)
Torrey Town Supervisor – Patrick Flynn (R)
Torrey Town Clerk/Tax Collector – Betty Daggett (R)


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