WATCH: RPD body cam video shows aftermath of Assemblyman Gantt crash

June 05, 2019 06:23 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC has obtained a 32-minute video captured on Rochester Police Department body cameras that shows the moments after a car crash involving New York State Assemblyman David Gantt.

We want to warn you that the beginning of the video contains video and sound from the chaos immediately after the crash. The video and audio of the screaming may be disturbing for some of our audience.  


Click here to watch the second and third portion of the body cam video.

The video begins as an RPD officer arrives at the scene and walks towards the damaged vehicles. The video shows the first person to come and talk to him is Assemblyman David Gantt.

Here is the transcript of the first RPD body camera footage.

Gantt: I think three people are hurt. 
RPD: Okay.
Mother: He's bleeding. My son is bleeding a lot.

RPD: I got ambulances coming. They're going to get here as soon as they can, okay?

RPD: You know that I'll need your stuff okay?
Gantt: What? 
RPD: I said you know I'm going to need your stuff. 
Gantt: Yes.

RPD: I'll give you the plates in just one minute. Actually I'll call you with the plates.

RPD: If you're near Central Park for this accident I kind of suggest you come by 'cause the Assemblyman Gantt is involved in this accident. Looks like he rear-ended a vehicle and has injured a few people.

RPD: I don't know right now. I'm just in the initial stages of it. I've called for a traffic car to come down here and make sure (inaudible) anything (inaudible) alcohol or whatever.

RPD: So that's uh, that is Mr. Gantt and that is a state vehicle. I have not determined who was driving that vehicle (white van). The girl who is screaming a lot is the mother of the kids. Nobody seems to know who was driving this vehicle. I'm going to guess it was probably her. She won't answer questions. She was screaming about her babies, her babies, her babies. So I haven't got into interviewing anybody as far as what the uh, what occurred with the accident. What you're hearing is minor compared to earlier when there was a lot of yelling. We've got two kids over there who are injured and maybe that one over there. A lot of people want to talk to you but they don't know who was driving but they want to tell you to get the ambulance because people are hurt.

RPD: So this girl is the driver. 
Officer: Correct.
RPD: At least that's what she's saying, right? 
Officer: Yeah.
RPD: Uh, we need to confirm that with somebody else. And she, from what it sounds like doesn't have a license.
Officer: That's what it sounds like.
RPD: And she's going...
Officer: She's going this way west, or east sorry.

RPD: Is this your car? 
Woman: Yes. Yeah, it's my car. 
RPD: Where do you guys live at? 
Woman: We live in Irondequoit.
RPD: Irondequoit. Were you somewhere near here where she got a hold of you? 
Woman: Yeah, I was along (inaudible). My friend dropped me off right there. 
RPD: Okay. Is that because she called you and told you to come over, okay. 
Woman: I feel so bad. I'm shaking for my baby because I'm trying to prepare her next (inaudible) high school graduate. She's about to be 18. I'm trying to help (inaudible).

RPD: He's not sure which way he was going but he said he was coming up Central, not Central but First. But he might have been going that way. 

RFD: All I see if one car seat in there. 
RPD: Okay. 
RFD: The kids with facial injuries like that, they should be in car seats.
RPD: Yeah, I got traffic people coming down here, so. 

RPD: Hey Heather it's (officer name). Uh, I assume that one of the guys here gave you the plates for this accident over here at Central and First? Okay, the other one is State Assembly plate 13. Yes, it's a specialized, uh, yep. It's New York government, state assembly, correct. It's Mr. Grant's. Mr. Gantt's vehicle. Do we have traffic coming down here? Traffic unit. Is there a 472 or whatever working tonight.
RPD: Hey Sam it's (officer name). Well, I'm over at Central and First and I'm going to need to have you come visit me. Um, the reason being is that Senator, State Assemblyman Gantt has been involved in a pretty good accident I just want to make sure that we're good and we covered all the bases and we're not getting an accusation of, you know, yeah you got it. Oh, you're not. They said you were. Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.

Gantt: Who went through the stop sign? 
Officer: You did. 
Gantt: (inaudible) 
Officer: We have the video footage and witnesses saying. 
Gantt: I hope you got it because it'll show I stopped there.
Officer: Yes sir. So do you know how to (inaudible) by any chance? 
Gantt: No. 
Officer: Ah, your court date in on June (day) at 9:30 in the morning. You can either mail this in guilty or you can show up to court okay?
Gantt: (inaudible) 
Officer: Pardon? 
Gantt: When you look at the camera I stopped.
Officer: When I look at the camera, what the camera shows we'll assess (inaudible) okay? For right now (inaudible). There's a couple of witnesses who saw the car accident.
Gantt: Oh yeah?
Officer: Yes. 
Gantt: Do I have access to them? 
Officer: You cannot at this time. 
RPD: When it gets closer to court time you'll be able to get that information. Okay? 
Gantt: Yes, okay. 
RPD: The witnesses will be...
Gantt: The two people who ran across there and got (inaudible). 
RPD: Um, the witness information is going to be on the police report. So that will be done in a few weeks.
Officer: This copy is for you. 
RPD: Mayor. How are you, ma'am?
Mayor: How are you? 
RPD: Not too bad. Here, he's okay. Here hold on a second. (***camera shuts off***)>


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