There's been a lot of talk about fake news online since the election. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between real news and fake news.

If you see a story on social media that you're not sure of, email it to us at and we'll look into whether it is news or noise.

News or Noise: Paid to be at a Trump rally

News or Noise: Paid to be at a Trump rally

News or Noise: Has your Facebook been cloned?

News or Noise: Has your Facebook been cloned?

News or Noise: Dick Van Dyke dies, leaves millions to Trump Foundation

News or Noise: Did President Trump "fist pump" at a 9/11 memorial ceremony?

News or Noise: Man burns house down from lighting Nike sneaker on fire

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News or Noise: Did Google ignore President Trump's State of the Union address?

It's no secret President Trump isn't a fan of the media- you've probably heard him refer to some media outlets as "fake news"...

News or Noise: Do air conditioners that use Freon need to be replaced?

You may have seen social media reports warning you that you'll soon need to fork over a few thousand dollars to buy a new air conditioning unit...

News or Noise: Is Domino's paving for pizza?

It sounds too good to be true so News10NBC did some digging...

News or Noise: Gun ban at NRA convention

According to some social media posts, the organization that promotes the Second Amendment is banning guns from its own event...

News or Noise: Was President Trump asked to skip Barbara Bush's funeral

With the recent death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, many are wondering why President Donald Trump did not attend the service...


News or Noise: Fake picture from White House?

Was a picture tweeted out by the White House Press Secretary misleading? 

News or Noise: Is Amazon jeopardizing the U.S. Postal Service?

News10NBC took a closer look into tweets by President Trump…

News or Noise: Did Ben Carson misspend American tax payers money?

News10NBC investigates if reports Ben Carson used tax payers money for a dining set is news or noise…

Did President Trump rollback gun purchasing laws?

News10NBC investigates if recent social media posts are news or noise…

News or Noise: Are actors portraying Florida school shooting victims?

News10NBC investigates if social media posts are news or noise…

News or Noise: Was a Tesla launched at Mars?

News or Noise: Was a Tesla launched at Mars?

News or Noise: Will the National Anthem air before Super Bowl LII

News or Noise: Onions fight the flu?

News or Noise: Are 100,000 Sam's Club employees losing their jobs?

News or Noise: Did Hurricane Maria create an IV bag shortage?

News or Noise: Post warns Facebook users not to ask for 'likes'

News or Noise: Post claims Hatchimal Bath Bombs caused burns

News or Noise: 911 calls from your iPhone

News or Noise: Reports claim new HPV virus is killing people faster than AIDS

News or Noise: Posts claim Amazon has chosen San Diego for new HQ