News10NBC Investigates: Contractor accused of not finishing pre-paid work found guilty, vows to pay restitution

Deanna Dewberry
Updated: February 27, 2020 11:26 PM
Created: February 27, 2020 08:19 PM

GENEVA, N.Y. (WHEC) — A contractor who has been the subject of News10NBC investigations faced a judge Thursday.

Scott Pepson is accused of taking money from customers without finishing the work. He pled guilty to both charges to negotiate a lighter sentence.  


News10NBC'S Deanna Dewberry was there.

The Geneva Public Safety Building was bustling Thursday. It’s city court day. And there, among them, was Scott Pepson waiting for the judge to sentence him.

Pepson, a contractor, had pled guilty to taking more than $3,400 from a customer without finishing the work.  

He also pled guilty in another contracting case in the town of Geneva.

And those aren't the only customers with complaints about Pepson. 

News10NBC recently profiled four cases where customers claim he took money for work he didn't do. Pepson was not charged by police in those cases.

GraceAnn Stulpin says she paid him more than $3,800 last year for work he didn't finish.

A few months before, Ben and Julia Rawlins say they had paid him $7,500 for work he wouldn't do.

In 2018 Debby Morlok paid him $3,800 before he walked away from the job.

And in 2017, Olive Owens says she gave him a check for $5,000 for a roof he never finished.

So as Pepson left court, News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry asked Pepson whether he was going to pay back those customers.  

He didn’t answer.  

Instead he walked quickly, hiding his face behind a sheet of paper. But he did promise the judge he would pay back that Geneva customer that got him arrested. 

"He's going to be placed on probation for three years,” his attorney, Rome Canzano said. “He's been ordered to pay restitution, a little bit over $3,000 over a period of one year. Scott has indicated he's going to pay the majority of that within the next upcoming months."

Scott Pepson faces a judge again on Friday, Feb. 28. GraceAnn Stulpin is taking him to small claims court. 

Then on April 6, he's scheduled to be sentenced in a case in the Town of Geneva.

In both those Ontario County cases, the charge was reduced from grand larceny to petit larceny because in his plea deal he agreed to pay full restitution.

It's unusual for cases like these to end up in criminal court. That’s because contractor cases usually viewed as civil matters. 
In our previous investigation of Pepson, News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry gives consumers tools to fight back.

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