'If he's out, he's doing this': Released in November, man back in prison after flashing a teenage girl

Berkeley Brean
Updated: March 23, 2021 06:29 PM
Created: March 23, 2021 05:54 PM

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (WHEC) — When a teenager and her grandmother were shopping at Walmart in Canandaigua in January, they say they were flashed by a man. When News10NBC learned about the man's arrest recently, we knew from our previous reporting, they were not the first victims.

And we went in-depth to learn the system keeps letting the man out.

The man's name is Paul Goodrell. Monday, an administrative law judge ordered Goodrell back into prison for another 30 months for violating parole. 

The record shows prison and parole is a revolving door for Goodrell and children are getting exposed. 

"My child did not need to see that," Danielle Dennie-Miller said.

It was Dennie-Miller's 15-year-old daughter and her grandmother who say they got flashed in Canandaigua. 

"I remember seeing this anxious man," grandmother Diane Dennie said describing what she saw in the store. "And I'm like I wonder why he seems so anxious?"

"It was a very uncomfortable situation," daughter Rachel Ocasio said. 

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office arrested Goodrell, a level 3 sex offender. Level 3 indicates most likely to re-offend. 

The sheriff says the flashing happened on Jan. 2, two months after Goodrell's latest release from prison.

Between 1989 and 2017, records show seven public lewdness cases against Goodrell. 

In 2012 he got 12 years in prison for going into Auburn High School in Cayuga County and flashing children. 

In a ruling three years later, the appellate court in Rochester said the sentence was "unduly harsh" and reduced it to six years. (The decision basically made Goodrell's sentences run concurrently, meaning at the same time as opposed to consecutively, meaning one after the other.)

Goodrell was paroled in October 2016. Four months later he was arrested for exposing himself to children in a Michael's Arts and Crafts store in Victor. 

At the time, News10NBC's Lynette Adams interviewed the prosecutor who convicted him in Auburn.

Chris Valdina, Cayuga County prosecutor: "If he's out, he's doing this. If you look at his history he does it persistently, relentlessly. As sure as the sun coming up in the morning, he as going to do it again and traumatize more children."

Goodrell got paroled in July 2019. He returned to prison in September 2019. He was released again last November and arrested for public lewdness in January.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson, Ontario County Sheriff's Office: "The New York State Division of Parole felt that he was able to be released back into society and again based on the history of this individual he is right back out in victimizing ore people."
The New York State Department of Corrections says an administrative law judge sets the amount of time a parolee goes back to prison. 

In an email to me, Corrections wrote: "Absent a serious disciplinary violation while in the correctional facility, the individual must be released at the end of the time assessment."

The time assessment levied Monday against Goodrell was 30 months. 

Goodrell is under parole supervision until 2032. 

I called his lawyer's office Tuesday. I left a message but did not receive a callback.

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