Pet of the Week: Ariel

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time now for our Pet of the Week. Ariel is a 6-year-old cat looking for a loving home.

Ariel has an unflappable spirit and resilience to carry her through her journey of self-discovery. Are we talking about a mermaid or a feline? In this case it’s a terrific tortoiseshell cat. She was an abandoned cat, so we don’t know much about her past.

We do know she seems to prefer a calm place to live. Ariel is ready for the next phase of her life. While she waits for her new adventure, she enjoys getting gentle body scritches, being a trusty office assistant, carrying on long conversations (she’s a great listener), and indulging in a touch of catnip now and again.

We’re not sure how she’d do with other animals in the home. Ariel awaits her new home after a meeting with you.

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Ariel and take him home.