Pet of the Week: Big Country

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time for our Pet of the Week. Big Country is a 4-year-old dog looking for a loving home.

Looking for a cuddle bug? Look no further than Big Country. This big boy weighs in at 64 pounds of pure love. We don’t know a lot about his history, but we think he has the potential to do well with teens and older children. We’d like him to meet everybody in the family, so that will give everyone of every age the chance to see if it’s a match.

We don’t know if Big Country has ever lived with other dogs, or with cats. He has had mixed feelings about other dogs here in the shelter and may prefer to be an only dog. However If you have another dog, we can arrange to introduce them here, to make sure all the signs point toward friendship. If you have any feline residents at home, our counselors can tell you about the best strategies for introducing them to lead to future harmony.

One thing we do know is that Big Country spent a lot of time lying on concrete or something similar, resulting in fluid-filled bumps on his elbows. He needs a soft bed and rugs to lie on at home to help those bumps heal, and of course you can talk to your vet to see if they recommend anything else.

If you have a big space in your heart to accommodate Big Country, he – and we – would love to see you here at the shelter to meet him and any of our other available dogs.

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Big Country and take him home.