Pet of the Week: Delilah

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time for our Pet of the Week. Delilah is a 3-year-old cat looking for a loving home.

Meet Delilah, a commanding presence in the feline world with her impressive stature of nearly 20 lbs. Unmistakably a cat who knows her own mind, Delilah makes her own rules and navigates life at her own pace. As a shy feline, human interaction isn’t high on her list at present, but she does appreciate the calm stability that a patient human household can provide.

The idea of cuddling doesn’t appeal to her at the moment, with her current preference leaning toward quiet and peaceful scenarios. Delilah cherishes her personal space and takes great delight in discovering cozy nooks where she can curl up for a nap undisturbed. With patience, time, and understanding, Delilah’s majestic personality has the potential to bloom, revealing a unique feline companion who appreciates the finer, quieter aspects of life.

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Delilah and take her home.