Pet of the Week: Miser

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time for our Pet of the Week. Miser is a 3-year-old dog looking for a loving home.

Miser is a large mixed breed with a handsome smile. He is an energetic boy who would love to play and explore the outdoors with you! He is also a big snuggler, and he is looking forward to getting lots of pets from his new family!

Miser’s favorite thing at the shelter is having playdates with other dogs. He is a very social boy who tries to make friends with every dog he meets! As much as he loves his friends, he is not willing to share his food or treats with anyone. Due to his resource guarding behavior, Miser would probably be most successful as the only pet in the home. If he is around other dogs, they need to be fed separately. Miser definitely should not live with cats or small animals. He has no history with children

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Miser and take him home.