Pet of the Week: Parmesan

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time for our Pet of the Week. Parmesan is a cat looking for a loving home.

Gouda, cheddar, Monterey jack, who doesn’t love cheese! Parmesan is the perfect combination of being mild with a little bit of spice.

Parm is a very sweet lady who loves to be the center of attention and would love a home to call her own. She loves to sit on your lap while enjoying some nice head scratches and watching tv with you. She also loves cat trees, wand toys, and windows to bird watch. And maybe even some treats and catnip from time to time.

Parm would prefer to be the one and only queen in her home but she could tolerate a cat or two to coexist with as long as they know to give her the space she needs. If you think Parmesan might be a good fit for you, come give her a chance!

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Permesan and take her home.