Pet of the Week: Snowball

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It’s time for our Pet of the Week. Snowball is a 6-year-old dog looking for a loving home.

What’s all white, soft, and gorgeous? It’s Snowball the cat. He requests that he be the only pet in the home, but he’s a big boy and there is lots to love.

You don’t have to be a fan of winter to fall in love with this Snowball. He enjoys being brushed, getting soft cheek scritches, and playing with catnip toys. Snowball has a dental condition called stomatitis, so he should be given canned cat food, since it’s easier for him to eat.

Are you a senior (60 years or older) looking for a mellow cat? If so, then Snowball could go home free to you. Snowball is aiming to go home soon, could it be with you?

You can contact Lollypop Farm to meet Snowball and take him home.