In-Depth: Excelsior Pass problems popping up at Dome Arena, Convention Center, VA |

In-Depth: Excelsior Pass problems popping up at Dome Arena, Convention Center, VA

Berkeley Brean
Updated: May 01, 2021 09:56 AM
Created: April 30, 2021 06:17 PM


As reported by Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean, when you do get your pass, it has an expiration date on it, when you reach that date, just re-enter your information.

— Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) May 1, 2021

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — This week News10NBC told you how the state's app that shows your proof of vaccination isn't working for everyone.

It's called the Excelsior Pass. Some people who got their shots at a pharmacy or who were in a clinical trial last summer are not in the state's database.

Now the problem is popping up with people who got their shot at the Dome Arena, the VA, and the Convention Center.

"Here's my phone," Doug Avery said showing his phone to the camera during our Zoom call. "This shows my Excelsior Pass."

Doug and Susan Avery got their second shots at the Dome Arena, the state-run site in Monroe County and were fully vaccinated by March 1. 

"And then here's Susan's phone and it says you have no passes," Doug said. 

The Averys say the state directed them to the Excelsior Pass website where the Averys say they got the same response. 

Brean: "Why do you need this pass? What would the value be to you?"

Susan Avery, can't get Excelsior Pass: "The ease of having it on the phone for traveling. And we were hoping that would solve the problem of always carrying this card."

I started documenting this problem Wednesday in the kitchen of Liz Veign in Webster. She and her husband got their vaccines through Walgreens and have the paper vaccine cards. But when she tries to get the Excelsior App? 

"This is what I get every single time," Veign said. 

Her phone screen said, "We couldn't find your pass." 

I'm also hearing from veterans who got vaccinated at the VA. 

In a statement, the VA says "The Department of Veterans Affairs does not send the names of Veterans, their spouses or caregivers, who have received the COVID 19 vaccine, to state data bases. VA reports its COVID 19 vaccine data to the CDC."

I asked the VA why they do that. 

"As stated VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System rolls up to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the names of the individuals we have given the COVID 19 vaccine to," a follow-up statement said. "For more information on who CDC shares that information with you will need to reach out to the CDC."

Here is the number the state says you should call if you got your shot at the Dome or state fairgrounds but can't get the Excelsior Pass. 

The Averys tried it and said it didn't work. It might work for you. 

If you went to the convention center call (585) 753-5555. 

The state does not accept data from vaccinations administered outside New York. 

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