RIF: Live events company creates new virtual platform

Emily Putnam
Created: September 27, 2020 10:00 AM

Before the pandemic, Webster-based company MSM focused on managing live, in-person events like trade shows and expos. 

Since March, the company has shifted its focus to managing virtual events, since large in-person events are, for the most part, no longer an option. Last month the company launched LiVi, which stands for where "live meets virtual." It's a customizable digital platform that is meant to enhance the experience of participating in a live, virtual event. So how is it different than Zoom and other standard virtual conferencing tools? 

"It's meant to augment those and make those better," says Chief Engagement Strategist Pete Stam. "The biggest way that we're combatting Zoom fatigue is, when you get on a Zoom call, what are you gonna do? And it really comes down to the people and the conversations you're gonna have within that Zoom to make it either interesting or uninteresting."

LiVi tries to recreate the spirit and the experience of attending a live, in-person event. The platform can support a game-style environment or a more realistic environment based on client needs. MSM even has 3D designers on staff who can replicate a real-life office environment virtually. 

To learn more about LiVi and MSM click here.

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