Mayor Warren shares thoughts on spike in violence |

Mayor Warren shares thoughts on spike in violence

Patrick Moussignac
Created: April 27, 2021 06:48 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Mayor Lovely Warren says the revolving door of the criminal justice system is just one of many problems behind the violence in Rochester.

This past weekend's shootings sent several victims all under the age of 20 to the hospital. 

Warren says the City, Rochester Police, and their partners are doing everything they can to not only get illegal guns off the streets but also get in the middle of disputes before they turn violent.

Victims from Rochester's weekend of violence ranged in age from 20-years-old, all the way down to just 11. Warren, a mother herself of a 10-year-old child, says she can relate.

"No one wants a child to be, especially shot, while they're in their home sitting in their living room. Right, and so this was a stray bullet, and that's what people have to think about," Warren said.

The Mayor cited a few problems behind these crimes which she says is being committed by just a small percentage of the population.

"It's 1% of the population that's doing this, that's affecting the other 99%, and so we're asking that 1% to think twice about pulling that gun, pulling that trigger because you're actually impacting other folks that are in their home trying to enjoy their life," Warren said.

She also says many of these same people are routine violent offenders passing through the revolving doors of the jail system. 

"We're trying to gather some data on that now to be able to, you know, take that to our State Legislators, or other folks, and our judges to be able to say, 'Listen we want to be able to save lives here,'" Warren said.

According to police almost every shooting has been committed with an illegal handgun.

"We need to make sure that we're getting to those guns. Getting them off the streets, and also holding people accountable that are using them, and that's going to be our number one focus, but also the root causes of that," Warren said.

Remember if you have any information that could help lead to an arrest, Rochester Police would like to hear from you through their Crimestoppers line. Plus you can also remain anonymous.

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