Lawmaker Flagler-Mitchell on his podcast: 'Lord, I just put it in your hands' |

Lawmaker Flagler-Mitchell on his podcast: 'Lord, I just put it in your hands'

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Berkeley Brean
Created: June 11, 2021 06:45 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Lawmaker Ernest Flagler-Mitchell speaks. On his podcast. 

It's the first time we've heard his voice because he has declined to talk about the calls for his resignation and the allegations of inappropriate behavior against more than a dozen women. 

"Welcome to The Intersection, where faith and politics intersect. I'm your host Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell." 

That's how Flagler-Mitchell started his podcast called The Intersection. He starts talking about the situation he's in within the first few minutes. 

Flagler-Mitchell: "When you look at the things going on even with me and how things are rolling, I'm just sitting back and saying, Lord, I just put it in your hands."

Producer: "Yeah, that's it."

Flagler-Mitchell: "I ain't got nothing to say about nothing. Nobody fighting the battle but God. And at the end of the day, I know what I have done for this community ever since I was a young adult."

According to his biography on the county legislature's website, Flagler-Mitchell is a Rochester firefighter and has been a county lawmaker for the past seven years. 

On Tuesday, a district attorney's internal report documented 12 women who said Flagler-Mitchell either messaged them sexual comments on Facebook or had a sexual relationship with them, including a 19-year-old who Flagler-Mitchell started messaging after she survived a mass shooting at her house last year. 

Then a complaint filed with the state Monday by a 13th woman accused Flagler-Mitchell of offering the woman help to get her children back in a child protective case if she slept with him.

In a statement Thursday, Flagler-Mitchell said, "These allegations against me are not true. I have always been one to help people who call on me and I attempted to do so in this instance. Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this individual's situation favorably and now she has launched false allegations against me."

Here's what he said on his podcast. 

Flagler-Mitchell: "Public humiliation. Public, you know, try to defame my character. That would never work in my community because my community knows I love them."

Flagler-Mitchell announced Friday he is temporarily stepping down as leader of the Black and Asian Democratic Caucus amid the  allegations to "better deal with personal matters." 

Flagler-Mitchell is facing a primary challenge on Tuesday, June 22. Early voting starts Saturday, June 12.

Here is the list of people who have called for Flagler-Mitchell's resignation

  • Congressman Joe Morelle (D, NY-25) 
  • Monroe County Executive Adam Bello
  • President of the Monroe County Legislature Dr. Joe Carbone
  • The county Democratic Caucus
  • State Sen. Samra Brouk
  • Assemblywoman Jenn Lunsford
  • Assemblywoman Sarah Clark

Brouk, Lunsford, and Clark issued a joint statement.

"We stand with all of the women who have come forward with allegations against County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell. These allegations are reminiscent of those made against Governor Andrew Cuomo; it is abundantly clear that too often men in power use their position to prey on women. Whether it's a staff member in our state capitol, or a Rochester woman coming to her local Legislator for help- we cannot pick and choose which transgressions warrant our outrage. Failure to take each allegation seriously and to hold perpetrators to equitable standards, implies that some narratives are worth more than others.

The actions of these men have derailed careers, violated trust, and upended lives from lasting trauma. We must hold our elected officials to the highest ethical standards. Today, this means Ernest Flagler-Mitchell should resign. All levels of government in our state must do more to support and stand up for women in our community."

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