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RIF: New product designed to help kids with math anxiety

Emily Putnam
Created: October 04, 2020 10:00 AM

The Digit Widget is a new product from Viggi Kids, a local startup lead by CEO Sandra Turner. The product resembles a standard set of wooden blocks, but with some important differences. 

These blocks are different sizes and weights, and each has a number and shape on the sides -- the block with the number 6 has a hexagon on one side, the block with the number 8 has an octagon on one side, etc.

The product was designed in partnership with the Industrial Design Department at RIT. The goal is to help kids tactilely process mathematical concepts, and to help reduce math anxiety. Once kids start to play with the blocks, they start to grasp mathematical concepts without feeling intimidated by the learning process. 

"The Digit Widget is targeted towards any child learning math, and just really helping to build that foundation of basic math concepts that helps to build those future stem skills," said Turner. 

With so many kids learning from home this school year, the Digit Widget could be a helpful tool for parents of young kids learning addition and subtraction for the first time. 

There's currently a Kickstarter campaign running for the Digit Widget, which you can find by clicking here

You can learn more about the product and Viggi Kids by clicking here

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