NYSDOT filling potholes as they're reported

Patrick Moussignac
Created: February 17, 2020 06:14 PM

MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. (WHEC) — Just ask anyone behind the wheel what's the biggest nuisance on the road right now, and you'll pretty much get the same answer: Potholes.

These craters are sometimes hard to avoid, and if you hit one hard enough both your vehicle and your wallet can take a big hit.


The general feeling of the Department of Transportation road crews is pretty much the same: "You fill up one pothole, and several others start to form." 

The constant change in weather has affected just about any street in the Greater Rochester area.

No matter what direction you head in it doesn't take much effort to find a decent-sized pothole. 

Avoiding them completely is another issue. 

News10NBC spent part of Monday afternoon on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford watching cars avoid a few deep potholes.  

Fairport resident Elizabeth McCarthy often dives through Pittsford. 

"It's really hard to avoid the potholes, especially in the Pittsford area,” McCarthy said. “I’m more cognizant of it now with a little one in the back seat especially if she's sleeping or something."

Hundreds of minor potholes like ones found on French Road, also in Pittsford were filled in on Monday morning. Most of them formed after moisture seeped underneath the asphalt.

Pittsford resident John Serafine had this to say about the pothole situation. 

"Kind of comes with Rochester, New York and some crazy weather," Serafine said.

Major potholes have taken a toll on some cars, including Serafine's car.

"Yeah, I hit a big hole, and the whole undercarriage of my car fell off," Serafine said. "It’s the whole part that just covers all the inner workings of the front of my car."

No matter where you live, dealing with a dip in the road is still annoying.

"Fairport taxes are pretty high,” McCarthy said. “That's probably the only thing I can complain about is the potholes, cause they take such good care of us with everything else. The leaf pickups and things like that."

Crews from the New York State Department of Transportation are out and about filling up potholes as they find them. 

The department urges everyone that wants to report a pothole to contact them directly at 1-800-POTHOLE.

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