RPD to suspects in looting and arson: 'You need to be looking over your shoulder'

Berkeley Brean
Updated: June 02, 2020 08:39 PM
Created: June 02, 2020 05:55 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The number of people arrested by RPD from the looting and violence Saturday night stands at 13.

News10NBC learned, based on court paperwork, that six of the 13 arrests include men and women ranging in ages from 18 to 46.


We were notified Tuesday, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrested three people, connected to a break-in of an AT&T store in Henrietta over the weekend.

We also learned Tuesday from Rochester Police, they might be looking at some federal charges. 

At a news conference at the Public Safety Building Tuesday, the RPD Deputy Chief Mark Mura and Captain of major crimes, Frank Umbrino, said they're working with the Monroe County District Attorney and U.S. Attorney's office to see if the arson of police cars is a federal crime. 

RPD is posting photos of people they want to identify and talk to. 

Captain Frank Umbrino, RPD Major Crimes: "They were involved or witnessed some type of illegal activity that we're investigating."

Captain Umbrino says more arrests for burglary, arson and rioting are coming. 

Captain Frank Umbrino, RPD Major Crimes: "If you were involved in that behavior you need to be looking over your shoulder because there's a pretty good chance that ultimately we're going to be coming knocking on your door."

Brean: "Frank you've got some pretty clear photographs of people, sometimes in the act. What is to prevent you from having arrested them by now?"

Captain Umbrino: "Well that's a great question Berkeley. That's a question we get all the time. It's very complicated. Just because we know it's you, we have to be able to articulate and prove that it's you beyond me saying, yeah I know that's you."

I also asked about the attack of a woman by at least two men, one wielding a 2x4. The video shows the men were trying to bust in the door to a business at the corner of Monroe Avenue and Broad Street. Then, the video shows they turn on the woman standing on the sidewalk. 

Brean: "Have you identified anybody in that video?"

Captain Umbrino: "Patrol sections investigations is taking a lead on that case. And I can tell you that they are making progress in that case. I cannot get specific on it. But we are prioritizing, obviously, we have to prioritize our cases. And cases of that nature are certainly of a high priority level. So I can tell you they are very actively working that and they are making some progress."

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