Sign of the times: Hacked road sign in Chili providing some comic relief |


Sign of the times: Hacked road sign in Chili providing some comic relief

Jennifer Ly
Created: June 16, 2021 06:07 PM

CHILI, N.Y. (WHEC) — Martian invasions. Zombie threats. Bigfoot sightings. After the year we have had, you would think anything is possible. If you have been driving around in the Chili area, you may have seen some interesting warning signs while on the road.      

Town of Chili Commissioner of Public Works David Lindsay told News10NBC’s Jenny Ly there have been some repairs going on with the railroad crossings the past several days around the town. A third-party contractor, Safety Services Supply, was hired to manage the road signs for maintenance and traffic control.

“We became aware of it yesterday [Tuesday],” Lindsay said.

“It appears that somebody may have hacked into the system and modified the signs to say some somewhat humorous thing, but obviously it's confusing to some of the residents when you see those as you drive by,” he said.

News10NBC went to Chili and asked around the community to get some reaction on the matter.

“I do know they're normal during the day, and at night they switch to ‘Bigfoot sighting,’ ‘Zombie,’ a bunch of little crazy stuff around town,” said Todd Marciano, owner of the Emerald City Smoke Shop.

Marciano’s shop is located near one of the hacked road signs on Old Scottsville Chili Road and Chili Avenue. Another sighting of the hacked sign was at Old Scottsville Chili Road and Beaver Road.

While the Town of Chili confirms no actual otherworldly creatures have been spotted, the amusing messages only go so far with some community members. 

“I think maybe somebody is playing a practical joke just to say ‘Haha, look at the signs’ kind of thing, but I think at the end of the day, the most concerning thing would be if they're hacking into road signs, what else can they or will they be hacking into? I mean there's road signs, there's ATM’s, there’s other businesses trying to promote, so if they can get their hands on road signs, what else are they hacking into is my biggest concern,” Marciano said. 

News10NBC’s Jenny Ly reached out to Safety Services Supply, and the company confirmed it was hacked. According to the company’s website, it is based out of Fort Jennings, Ohio.

On the Chili Neighborhood Facebook group, others find the road signs to be comical relief.

“After a year of COVID, just seeing that, it's pretty hilarious to see,” said Charity Osborn, an employee at Kwik Fill on the corner of Old Scottsville Chili Road and Chili Avenue.

“It's a nice way to start your day,” Osborn said.

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