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Small Business Spotlight: Precision Pool and Spa

Brett Davidsen
Created: June 17, 2020 09:30 PM

FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WHEC) — David Cox has never seen anything like it. He's been installing swimming pools for 15 years as owner of Precision Pool and Spa. And he says it's, hands down, the best year they've ever had.

"I think everybody, when they got stuck at home realized it's time to invest in the home," Cox said.

He attributes the surge in sales to the coronavirus. At a time when people were locked down in their homes, many apparently decided it was time to take the plunge.

"We can't even return all the phone calls and we apologize for that, but there are so many people that want a new swimming pool this year. It's epic," he said.

Cox says early on during the pandemic, they were able to service pools but were delayed in starting up construction jobs. Now, they're booked well into next year.

"I think everyone was pretty nervous when the COVID happened," Cox said. "We tightened up the reigns pretty good. We actually reinvested in the company to try to protect Precision at that point, and then everything broke loose."

Based in Fairport, Precision has designed and built custom swimming pools throughout Upstate New York. We caught up with the crew while they were working on a project in Victor. Cox was on site and is a hands-on kind of business owner - which is how he likes it.

"Because I'm here with the guys. I spray the concrete, plaster the pool, they need help with service, I do that as well. It's a lot of work, but I believe in the process and how it's going to finish," he said.

He says their formula for creating these dream backyards begins with concrete- lots of it. They even bought their own concrete trucks so they could apply it themselves. Cox says they handle every aspect of the job, from start to finish.

"Everything is in-house. We tile the pool. We plaster the pool. We pour the concrete around the pool. We're shooting the pool today. Everything that can be done on our swimming pool, we do it."

And we noticed a certain artistry as they meticulously shaped the sprayed concrete, or gunite, by hand to build the walls of this swimming pool.

"Everything about this pool is an art. Everything about it," Cox said.

As for his future, Cox says he hopes to keep growing the business and eventually turn it over to his two children to continue building these luxurious backyard escapes.

"It's hard work. The reward is immense though when it's done. We didn't screw it together."

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