Small Business Spotlight: Cybersecurity wrapped around your finger |

Small Business Spotlight: Cybersecurity wrapped around your finger

Brett Davidsen
Updated: August 03, 2020 11:49 AM
Created: July 22, 2020 04:37 PM

WEST HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WHEC) — Imagine no credit cards, no security badges or lanyards, passwords or key fobs.

Now there's a wearable device called Token, a ring that literally keeps all your information wrapped around your finger. 

Melanie Shapiro is company co-founder and CEO.

"Token replaces and unifies all of your different credentials," she told us. "What's really important here is that it's a technology that allows you and only you to wield your credentials, which is important because the reason we're doing this is that we're subject to hacks and cyber crimes that leaves our personal data vulnerable to theft and loss."

You simply use the Token app to scan your credentials, which then embeds them into the ring. 

You may be wondering: What if I lose the ring or it's stolen? Token comes with a built-in solution: A fingerprint sensor inside the ring.

"So it scans your fingerprint as you put the ring on and that is what unlocks your ability to use your token, said Shapiro. "So if you leave it on the table at a coffee shop and someone picks it up, they're not going to be able to use it because it has to have the ability to scan your fingerprint."

Shapiro says they developed Token because they believe in the digital economy and internet and want to see it used in a way that creates a more trustworthy experience.

"We're really on a mission to protect your personal data so you feel safe participating in the digital economy."

The company is headquartered in the Riverwood Tech Campus in Henrietta. An RIT graduate, Shapiro says she could have gone to one of the big tech hubs to start the company but felt Rochester had a lot to offer.

"The real potential of failure doesn't feel so scary here and we have the ability to pull on incredible talent from RIT and other schools and we also feel there's incredible opportunity here."

Opportunity that is now reaping results. Token just began shipping its first rings a few weeks ago. They're available for purchase on the company's website and sell for $349.

"We're getting really great feedback. We've had a great community and audience for some time now and they've been really excited about the vision, so to be able to deliver on that vision, for them to actually see the technology come to fruition has been great," Shapiro said.

As for the company's future, it's bright. Token has been listed among Rochester's top tech start-ups by the Tech Tribune three straight years. Shapiro sees them continuing to expand in Rochester.

"I see token globally starting to see our mission come to fruition and for us to continue to build on what we believe is important which is the freedom to own your identity and keep your personal data secure."

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