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Small Business Spotlight: Ziebart

Brett Davidsen
Created: June 03, 2020 09:51 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — For many, getting their car professionally detailed is a luxury. But for some these days, it is now a necessity.

"In today's times, the times everyone is going through, it's definitely peace of mind," local general manager Craig Thomas said.

Ziebart is a nationally known brand with locations across the country. But a local family owns the franchise in Western New York and operates five locations. They handle everything from auto detailing and undercoating to spray-on bed liners and rust protection. But they recently added a new service to help in the battle against the coronavirus.

"The main thing that we've done is Ziebart has come up with a disinfection process that is certified and registered with the EPA to kill COVID-19 along with 99% of other bacteria and germs," Thomas said. "It is a stand-alone product and what we've done is we've replaced our interior cleaner with this disinfectant cleaner."

Thomas says the detailing process hasn't changed much — just the cleaning product they are using. The disinfectant has to stay on the surface for 10 minutes after its applied before being wiped off.

"So when we bring their vehicle in, we actually touchpoint disinfect all the main portions of the vehicle that get touched, like the handles, the keys, the steering wheel, all the controls before we even get in the vehicle to drive it around to service it in the shop," he added.

Thomas says it's not a service they had to add, but felt it made sense for the safety of their customers and their employees. Closed throughout much of the New York Pause order, Ziebart re-opened two weeks ago, and business has been brisk.

"Last week was the first week that we did a full schedule for our customers and our detailers were here open to close — heavy, heavy quantities of details in the shop," Thomas said. "The response has been outstanding. they love the idea of getting their vehicle back disinfected."

Recently, Ziebart began a promotion offering the COVID-killing service to first responder vehicles for free. 

Echoing what so many small businesses have told us since the pandemic hit, Thomas says it’s all about adapting to the needs of your customers.

"It's definitely been something unique to wrap our heads around, but now it seems to be the new norm and we're ready for it."

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