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U of R students create River Campus in Minecraft

Sam LaRocca
Updated: March 30, 2020 07:34 PM
Created: March 30, 2020 07:05 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Students at the University of Rochester have found a way to practice social distancing but still stay in close contact through a game.

Samantha: “At this point, most of us have been staying home and making sure we social distance ourselves from friends, family and co-workers. We have missed out on graduations, family gathering and important events but all for an important reason. One group at the

The University of Rochester has made an online version of the U of R River Campus in an online form in Minecraft. Alexander is a co-founder of this project.”

Alexander: “Four of us students formed a core team to build a virtual campus we call Virtual UR. The response from the university community has been tremendous and the possibility could be endless.”

The reason Alexander did all of this was simple.

Alexander: “I miss my friends and I am not going to get to say goodbye to the seniors so this is a way we can all connect together.”

Samantha: “Alexander found out his group wasn't the only ones who were trying to build a campus. Together they got a virtual school in session.”

Alexander: “The next day we posted a screenshot on Facebook and found out that a few other students were also building parts of campus in Minecraft.”

Samantha: “But what is Minecraft?”

Alexander: “Mind craft is a sandbox video game. Which means you can create anything you want using the blocks provided in the game it is almost like an online version of building legos.”

Samantha: “For now this Minecraft is only opened for the four main students working on the project but they are hoping to have the server open soon for the entire university to enjoy.”

Alexander: “Building our beloved campus is therapeutic in many ways and helps us cope as we learn to navigate through this global crisis happening around us.”

Samantha: “Alexander says this is a way to honor and virtually hang out with the students they didn’t get to say goodbye to before they enter their next step in life.”

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