Victim in alleged drunk driving crash worked 3 jobs to support his family of 8 |

Victim in alleged drunk driving crash worked 3 jobs to support his family of 8

Berkeley Brean
Created: May 11, 2021 06:30 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — If you think you work hard to support your family, wait until you hear about Milton Harris.

Harris was killed sitting in his car Monday. Police say an accused drunk driver crashed into the back of Harris's car and the impact killed Harris. He was 83 years old.

News10NBC had the chance to talk to Milton Harris's family Tuesday afternoon. Because of his jobs and his children, he was one of those people who touched thousands of lives.

Four of Harris's eight children and one of his 65 grand and great-grandchildren got together to look through the book they made to celebrate his 80th birthday four years ago.

His family's pain is dulled only by the shock of how his life was ended.

Cassandra Dearring, daughter of Milton Harris: "We all know how we come here. But we never know how we're going to go. And in my wildest dream, I never thought my dad would be sitting in a car and someone come and hit him the way they did."

Harris was known to call all of his grand and great-grandchildren on their birthdays and holidays.

Dearring: "They used to call him the weatherman. People down in Florida, Michigan and everywhere else — hey Milt! What the weather going to be? Hey man, it's going to be such and such and such. He was the weather man."

Harris was born in Alabama. He moved to New York during the great migration in the 1950s to escape oppressive laws in the south.

He met and married Ruby. To support their growing family, Harris worked at Bausch and Lomb and Betlem Heating. Two full-time jobs at the same time.

Clay Harris, son of Milton Harris: "He used to work from 7 to 3. Got off at 3. Got home. Mom had dinner ready and a lunch bag in the other hand. He had to get to the job at 4 o'clock."

And then he cleaned pools on the weekends.

Harris was even on the job when his life was taken, waiting for his equipment to arrive to mow one of his clients' lawns. The man never stopped.

Harris: "I didn't want to get out of the bed this morning to be honest with you. I was tired and it was a little overwhelming. But I know he would want me to get up and continue you on and work because that was the example he showed us."

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